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What is up with Solitaire Gardens Level 55?

I am doing marathon badge 34 max out flower power 7 times. Just maxed it out 3 times in the game and only got credit for 1. Does that mean only one max per game counts? thanks

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 1 week ago

    Sounds like a qlitch. I got credit for 5 in the 1st game I played for that badge. And Blysse got all 7 in 1 game.

    Answer from Blysse
    posted 1 week ago

    Yeah, sounds like a hiccup on Pogo’s part. I’ve been able to get credit for multiple maxxing out on that level for years, Pogo’s had several badges with similar requirements.

    Answer from mspatmac
    posted 1 week ago

    Thanks both of you for answering. I always received credit for multiple maxing out that’s why I was confused and asked the question. I was able to complete the badge but only received for 2 each game. At one point I had a 65 card streak. Oh well, I got the badge so next time I will try a different browser (if there is a next time) Hope your both having fun with the marathon and are ready for the dog days of June tomorrow.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 1 week ago

    You’re very welcome!

    I didn’t have long streaks b/c I flipped a card as soon as I maxed out the meter so I could start another streak.

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