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This question has been closed by the author.what does the Poppit Bingo symbol mean?

When I am in the marketplace, some (but not all) of my costumes have a horizontal purple badge/banner on the top right. It looks like there is an asterisk in the horizontal purple thing.

Does this mean anything?

    Blysse | Best Answer, chosen by question author
    posted 4 months ago

    Did you mean Poppit! Party? Poppit! Bingo doesn’t have costumes.

    If you meant Poppit! Party, it means that you get those specific slots for free because you’re a Club Pogo member. Non-Club members get less marketplace slots for free.

    At the top of the marketplace on the left is another purple banner, and it says, “Club Pogo members get 2 additional marketplace items”.

      Answer from wearymom3
      posted 4 months ago

      Oh thank you! I just couldn’t figure it out. Yes, clearly I meant Poppit Party but I say one and mean the other in real life too!

      Thanks Blysse

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