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This question has been closed by the author.what are the sites to put in new computer to enable pop ups for Club Pogo?

Just got new computer..windows 10 desktop and cannot find in my papers the sites to put in for popups..think there where maybe three?? Had them in my sticky notes on other puter but of course they are gone now……..ty

    Answer from Padme1
    posted 2 months ago

    I run Windows 7, but I think these would be the same. I use these:


    I have read where some say they use just pogo.com, but that doesn’t seem to work for me. I hope these help.


    Answer from Jan the third
    posted 2 months ago

    thank you thank you Padme1 and Moms…now know better and put in it my little notebook with other hints and etc…was not thinking and thought maybe my sticky notes would transfer for me wrong lol……but I knew where to go to ask for help..love badgehungry…and thank you too Lura for this site..it has helped me out so so much .. with everything…

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