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Can someone please tell me the web page for Firefox to play using Java?

    Answer from prinzdarian
    posted 4 weeks ago

    There are 2 versions of Firefox: Firefox and Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release). FIrefox ESR is the version that allows you to play java games.

    You can get Firefox ESR at: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/

    Answer from sassybrt136
    posted 3 weeks ago

    Thank you very much Prinzdarian, I am back in business with the Java games

    Answer from bkpticecutter
    posted 3 weeks ago

    Hi Sassy, I have the latest Mozilla Firefox ESR version and whenever I play a java game I still get a message above on the page to use IE. It’s choppy and it lags and sometimes I only get half the game to show up, then I’m off to IE, it just runs so much smoother than Firefox.

    Answer from sassybrt136
    posted 3 weeks ago

    hi Bkpticecuttler, I have so many issues with IE, half the Java games don’t load and when they do I get the lagging and and at times the games just stops and I have to refresh to continue playing. So far I have had no issues using Firefox ESR, and so glad I am able to play the Java games again.

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