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How do I unstick Poppit Power Up balloons stuck on buying power ups?

I’ll see the balloon I want and when I press the Spike balloon it is always the one to buy power ups. If it is stuck, how do I unstick it?

Now that I’ve asked this question, I’ll see if I can figure it out.

If I can’t any help will be appreciated.

    Answer from Kirsten
    posted 4 days ago

    If there is no number on the lower right of the balloon, then you don’t have any powerups and that is why you are getting that page. To unstick you have to click on the power up you want to buy and then x out of it. Then continue on. This should do the trick for you. GL!

    Answer from livest0ck
    posted 1 day ago

    Thank you. Poppit Bingo is complicated and at the same time not complicated.

    Answer from Kirsten
    posted 1 day ago

    Your Quite Welcome!

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