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This question has been closed by the author.Does anybody know any tricks to winning Quinn’s Aquarium?

I play the same level many, many times and cannot win it. It seems you can go just so far and then run out of matches. Am I missing some sort of trick? Pogo gives us a free badge album and then makes it almost impossible to win it.

    Answer from JayArvee
    posted 11 months ago

    I try to take tiles from the highest stacks first. Second I work on the longest rows from both ends. I save the short stacks and rows for backups. For the bonus shells, if I can’t get the first one in the first five moves, I restart. But basically it is just the luck of the draw.

    Answer from A1312WBJGJM
    posted 11 months ago

    OK – I have won every level in 1 try until I got to level 50 something – I played that level a total of 40 times until I won it – now the next levels are just as fast as level 1-50 were – this is just how the game is

    Answer from Blysse
    posted 11 months ago

    If you see that you can remove all 4 [on a normal level] of a certain tile type, get ri of those first.

    If you see 3 of one tile type and one has no tiles below it, match the other two instead to free up the tiles below them.

    Answer from Lura
    posted 4 months ago

    Here are some tips & tricks for Quinn’s Aquarium:


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