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This question has been closed by the author.Why have they stopped tokens in World Class Solitaire?

I’ve been to Pogo’s problem pages but as usual you don’t get any answers.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 9 months ago

    A lot of the new games do not award tokens…

    Jet Set Solitaire, Jewel Academy, Turbo 21, Vanishing Trails, Grub Crawl, & World Class Solitaire.

    The “line” from Pogo is b/c they want to cut down on cheating. The truth is that they just don’t want to spend the time programming the game with the stats that are necessary to award tokens for game play.

    This was done on purpose, it’s not a glitch.

    Answer from beyechonjr
    posted 9 months ago

    i think that the reasoning behind the token spinner being stopped in these new games to cut down on cheating is about the most asinine thing i have heard in a long time..i would have thought they could have come up with a more reasonable reason…as if tokens are what cheaters are after..sometimes i wonder what person comes up with these ideas of late..next they will take monopoly money away from monopoly.. and the seeds from the garden game.. one might plant a flower etc that they highjacked..

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 9 months ago

    I was playing First Class Solitaire last night and there was a lively conversation going on between 2 or 3 members. It was all about how they disliked WCS now after the conversion. I really haven’t noticed too much of a difference other than no tokens, but I wasn’t participating in the chat, just reading.

    But one person said something that I hadn’t even thought of……

    The only way to earn tokens is to buy a badge and complete it.

    Personally I think it will have the opposite effect. I think people will be less likely to purchase a badge when they aren’t going to get tokens for playing the game. But I’ve been wrong many times before…lol

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