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This question has been closed by the author.Anyone having a problem with their friends list?

For two weeks now, on both of my accts, my friends list has shown two friends playing even when I can see four or more friends playing. Any idea what is going on?.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 11 months ago

    I have to be honest and say that I never look at that number on the home page, so no idea if it matches my friends list or not on a regular basis. It matched earlier today when I looked.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 11 months ago

    How are you seeing them playing if it doesn’t show on your friends list?

    Could they be playing in stealth?

    Answer from Queentweetie
    posted 11 months ago

    Sorry about that, Let me correctly state that on the home page, where it gives the number of friends playing, it always show two. But when I call up the list, it shows more than two playing.

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