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This question has been closed by the author.Pogo news page pop up survey???

I just got a pop up survey on Pogo promos page for Voice 5 (or something like that).
Really took me by surprise as I consider that advertising, so I closed it.
What happened to no advertising for paying Club POGO members?
Is EA going to change things no matter what we agreed to with Pogo???

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 7 years ago

    I would run a virus scan if I were you. I’ve been to the Pogo News page numerous times today and have not had any pop up. I just tried it again before I wrote this.

    Answer from Brenda
    posted 7 years ago

    Moms, I just went in on 2nd acct through Chrome to see if it happens every time. It didn’t.
    I Googled Voice 5 and saw lots of people get that pop up survey, so I’m going to check into it a bit more bc some said it had to do with FF.
    I do appreciate the advice, always the smart way to go, but will to see what FF has to say first.
    Thanks for reply :)

    Answer from HouTxLdy
    posted 7 years ago

    I looked up voice 5 and it says that it’s a google product…a phone thing…So, if you are using google chrome, it might be a popup of theirs and not pogos… Can’t say for sure, because I don’t know what browser you’re using, but if it’s google, than that may be your answer…GL :o)

    Answer from Brenda
    posted 7 years ago

    Thanks for replies & concern ladies. Everything scanned ok with Kaspersky AV (pay version, not free online version). I have always used Norton before this new computer. I like Kaspersky better.
    So, I activated FF’s pop up blocker, but ‘allowed’ Pogo.
    No idea why it was different this one time, maybe something in FF’s latest update…? Anyway, so far, so good this AM :-)

    I only use FF for Pogo.
    IE9 is default browser, but for who knows what reason, it’s finicky about Pogo. Haven’t figured that out yet :\

    Answer from Brenda
    posted 7 years ago

    I also use Chrome for Pogo.
    What I meant in last post is that Pogo is the ONLY thing I use FF for.
    Not sure it matters here, but realized my wording could be misunderstood.
    Forgive me, it’s still early in the southwest ;-) I need more coffee

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