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This question has been closed by the author.Phlinx video problem?

I searched for this in Q&A and could not find a similar thread addressing it, so….

For a long time I’ve noticed that during a prolonged session of Phlinx, the area between the stone shooter at the bottom of the game and the stones at the top of the game becomes corrupted. The colors are replaced with large, pixelated blocks of whitish color that look sort of like Tetris pieces. Refreshing clears it up, but has anyone found a different way around this issue?

    Answer from goNILor4p
    posted 6 years ago

    Ed Maybe a little trial and error here will help. When your in the (flash game) right click your mouse on the game screen a box will pop up click on Settings. From there an Adobe Flash Player Settings box will pop up. Then Click on Display (computer monitor picture) Enable hardware acceleration. Some computers depending on memory, space, video, etc, etc, etc work better with OR without that box checked.

    Answer from alfred
    posted 6 years ago

    On My Phlinx when the second round loads it seems that each ball is changing to the gold bronze and silver colors one at a time not like before when all of them changed at once.also I have noticed that each scene seems like it is fading out slowly to blank then the other one comes up.

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