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This question has been closed by the author.Is your listed requirement for rank 30 in tumble tiles correct?

Hi, there are 138 levels at the moment & I have 3 stars in all but 3 levels, making 411 stars, however I was not awarded the rank 30 badge.

    Answer from RyzandShyn
    posted 11 months ago

    I use the Tumble Tiles forum for hints/tips when I get stuck, and remember seeing postings about this.
    On the Tumble Tiles forum on Pogo I found the following information for you”
    1) Most posters say that you have to get 3 stars in ALL 138 levels to get Rank 30.
    2) Some posters say they did that and the rank badge popped up, and others say they have 3 stars on each and never received the Rank 30 badge.
    3) If you get 3 stars on all and don’t get the badge, you should contact Pogo Help.
    Using the “Call me back” option during regular business days and during regular business hours has proved (for me) to be the best option for receiving the help I need – always been a positive experience for me.

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