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This question has been closed by the author.how do i get level 32 in cookie connection?

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 9 months ago

    Here’s the best answer I found……


    If you want to look at other answers you can just type in level 32 in the search box to the right on this page.

    Answer from Lura
    posted 8 months ago

    Pogo recently asked the developers of the game for some tips. Here’s what they said:

    Try to focus on the longest chains in order to create row removers and area bombs.
    Combine same-direction row removers to make the second row remover switch direction.
    Combine area bombs with row removers.
    Always keep in mind the main goal and get those cupcakes to the bottom of the level, do not miss any important move.

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