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This question has been closed by the author.Where are all the items for men in the mini mall?

how come there isnt many guy items when you click on shop mens section? i wanted to send a couple gifts to guy friend and there wasn’t much to chose from? am i doing something wrong? thanks

    Answer from BattyJanice
    posted 4 years ago

    Cricket, I noticed that too while shopping today from the new release. There are fewer Men;s items, but if you look at what is missing, it’s all the “Mom” shirts and such. I know there are Daddy-Moms out there, but I just assume Pogo felt that creating #1 Mom shirts and such for a Male Mini was not worth the time and effort for the artists to get paid to do. I am sure there are some guys out there who would buy them and use them, but I guess they figured it was not (gem) profitable, and I can see how male Minis wearing #1 Mom items could fuel some ugly fires in chat or HOF contests.

    So no, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Pogo just left out some of the Mom stuff for the male minis.Sadly, the Male Mini items always seem to have less choices than Female Mini items anyway.

    Answer from Cricket
    posted 4 years ago

    thanks for alswering question. i’m just surprised they dont have any mens bathing suits to pick from or shorts.

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