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is anyone else having problems with the new pogo sign in?

I signed in on my Firefox browser, but when I tried to use my internet explorer browser I can’t access pogo

    Answer from mighty1terri
    posted 5 days ago

    I have trouble signing in on all browsers! Pogo is a real pain! I just keep working at it till it works to sign in! It has taken me sometimes 20 minutes! I have friends that can’t get on for days! I don’t understand why you can’t stay signed in! Hate the EA sign in! They should have made sure it was right before they started it! To many glitches in it yet! Puts me in a bad mood to start out my day Lol! Good luck!

    Answer from bookread65
    posted 5 days ago

    having the same problem cant get anywhere finall got a call but no one answered

    Answer from Life4Style
    posted 5 days ago

    I have the same problem. I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but I can only get a successful sign in on the Home page. If I try to sign in for a specific game, or Badge Central it doesn’t work. I always click “Remember Me” but it must have Alzeimer’s or something because that doesn’t work either. This new system stinks.

    Answer from mighty1terri
    posted 4 days ago

    Yes it does stink! I don’t understand why it can’t remember the sign in! It’s pathetic that they started this new system and never tested it for the glitches! So not cool! Why mess with Pogo cause it wasn’t broke before! Now its a fight to play the games any more! Good luck friends!

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