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This question has been closed by the author.I inadvertently purchased some java badges what browser works on Mac?

    Answer from Storm
    posted 8 months ago

    Safari :)

    I only have the one browser on my MacBook Pro and use it for Java, Flash and HTML5 with no problems. I also have macOS High Sierra installed.

    Answer from jwalters1395
    posted 8 months ago

    Thank you, Lura. I will have to look at that thread. I did look at Pale moon but thought it was for windows only. I will look again.

    Storm, I have safari, and it doesn’t work correctly for java for me.

    Answer from Storm
    posted 8 months ago

    Have you checked System Preference to ensure Java is enabled?

    Answer from wearymom3
    posted 8 months ago

    I run a Mac also but have not moved to the High Sierra system. I am still on Maverick (10.9.5) but plan to move to the Sierra system shortly. On my system, SOME of the java games would play but not all of them. I couldn’t figure out the reason for some not working and thankful I had tested all of the games for the java badges.

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