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This question has been closed by the author.What is “game” as a gift from Pogo_Spike?

First of all, I just hit 5000 badges !! WAHOO ! Now, I get lots and LOTS of gifts from Pogo Spike and the gift usually is GAME. What the heck does that mean ?

    Answer from prinzdarian
    posted 1 year ago

    The gifts from Spike aren’t badges. They are the backgrounds for playing the game of the month,

    Answer from CanadianKat
    posted 1 year ago

    I know they are not badges, I just said I just reached 5000 badges. My 2nd question was what “game” meant as a gift from Spike…they are not wallpaper or backgrounds, i get different things , some are a free game play, etc ….but what is the gift ‘GAME” ?

    Answer from loveroflibraries
    posted 1 year ago

    The gifts (most of which you got for playing the game(s) of the month) labeled “Game” are mini items that go in the “games” subcategory of either the backgrounds or goodies section of your mini closet.
    Congratulations on reaching 5000 badges.

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