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Some of the current most frequently asked questions are about:

Is anyone else having problems with Jungle Gin?

What is a fogcutter?/Where do I find fog cutters?

Did I get a super secret badge for completing a M-n-M badge album?

What is “fb connect” or “fbconnect”?

How do I get star gems in Bejeweled 3?

What is a tombbuster/toombuster in Plants vs. Zombies?

What happened to the 7,000 daily tokens?

Where can I see the winners of BadgeHungry’s giveaways?

What is Pogo’s phone number?

Where is live chat?

IE says Web Page Cannot Be Displayed?

What is a modena/mondena flower in Flower Daze?

What games give the most tokens?

How do you clear your cache?

Any tips for all of the balloons in Poppit?

Where did my question go?
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