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This question has been closed by the author.Why can’t I double browse after the last Java update?

I can no longer double browse due to the java update. My “go to” browser is Firefox. I cannot play games in Firefox which require java. I have deleted all of the previous java updates and I have the latest version of it. I don’t mind going to Internet Explorer. It asked for an update for flash which I did. For a few games that I have activated, I need to be able to play java games in Firefox. Does anyone have any clues to assist me with this? Thanks in advance!

    newbee2games | Best Answer, chosen by question author
    posted 4 years ago

    When you open the game window in FF, on the second line, there is a little game piece. When you click on it, does it say “java is enabled”?

      Answer from navy80to86
      posted 4 years ago

      Double browse works fine in firefox for me I first go to a pogo page such as thurs bonus then click on a game this gives me an extra saved page. Then I split my screen. Use one screen for the game and the other for the answers such as badge hungry answers for trivia. then play the game with the answers side by side.

      Answer from JustaGame
      posted 4 years ago

      navy, are you talking about double browsing or merely using FF with different tabs (windows)? You don’t need to DB to work on a single game with a single screen name, which sounds like what you are doing. DBing is working with 2 separate browsers.

      Answer from Susie_in_KC
      posted 4 years ago

      Navy, Trivial Pursuit is in flash. I have no issues with that. It’s double browsing in games using another name.

      JustaGame, that’s exactly right; yet it still doesn’t answer my question. I have another account with quite a few tokens that I would like to play a poker game and steal all of the tokens. ;)

      Thank you both for responding.

      Answer from HOCK9952
      posted 4 years ago

      Are you getting errors? Is Java enabled in Firefox? Test your Java to see if it’s working: https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp You could try playing in a new private window, “Restart With Add-ons Disabled”, to see if that will help.
      Perhaps looking at your Firefox Health Report or checking Troubleshooting, in your FF Help tab & also menu, might give you some information.

      The last update was almost 3 months ago. The next CPU is on Tuesday. Hopefully, that download will be more successful for you. Good luck!

      Answer from JustaGame
      posted 4 years ago

      Susie, sorry you are having problems. Did you get the last update from FF? I got one about 2 days ago. I use FF and Chrome, just tried to DB and had no problems.

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