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This question has been closed by the author.Do I still need to wonder about the Collectible Price?

Hi.. Live Chat on Pog just said that all 5 Collectibles are included in the 80 Token Purchase Price..
Do you think that I I still need to double check this with another Customer Service Rep?
The Conversation is below:

Pogo Sharon (Listening)
Pogo Sharon: Hi, my name is Pogo Sharon. How may I help you?

Pogo Sharon: Hello! Welcome to Pogo Chat.

875842766: Hi Pogo Sharon. I’m wondering if 80 tokens, the price of the Clara Collectible, includes all 5 of the collectibles?

875842766: I’ve gotten two different answers on that question. One says yes, the other says no

Pogo Sharon: Yes it includes

875842766: For sure?

Pogo Sharon: Yes

875842766: I bought one for a friend, and one for myself.. So the rest of the set for myself is paid now.. as is the rest of the other set as well, correct?

Pogo Sharon: Yes

875842766: Thank you very much Pogo Sharon! Happy Holidays!

Pogo Sharon: The pleasure is entirely mine.

Pogo Sharon: Do you have any more questions to ask?

875842766: No, that was it, thank you =)

Pogo Sharon: Thank you for giving me an opportunity to assist you regarding your issue. You will be receiving a Survey shortly in your email. I will appreciate if you can take out some time and mention if I was of any help to you. Have a great day at http://www.pogo.com

Pogo Sharon: Merry Christmas to you and your family

Pogo Sharon: Take care

875842766: I will definately fill it out! Thanks again, and you too.

    Answer from SamanthaAvett
    posted 8 years ago

    Oops.. Sorry.. I didn’t mean to post this Twice! I’m so sorry!
    I didn’t think the First one went through. Please Forgive my thinking lol

    Answer from Emmashalo
    posted 8 years ago

    Here’s my answer from 2 CS people:

    Pogo Sharon: Hi, my name is Pogo Sharon. How may I help you?
    Pogo Sharon: Hello! Welcome to Pogo Chat.
    34819671: Hi. I’m Emily. I’m sure you’ve had this question asked to you several times but I really want to make sure I’m getting my monies worth for my gems. If I purchase Clara for 80 gems in the mini mall will I get the other 4 collectibles?
    34819671: And by getting the other collectibles I mean for free…as if it’s a package deal.
    Pogo Sharon: Yes
    34819671: I’ve heard a lot of other stories and I want to make sure.
    34819671: They are not 80 gems worth each?
    Pogo Sharon: No
    34819671: Okay. Thank you. What happens if Pogo decides to change their mind. Can I get a refund?
    Pogo Sharon: No
    Pogo Sharon: Sorry for above response
    34819671: why?
    34819671: which No response?
    34819671: How will I get the other 4 mini collectibles? Will they send me an email?
    Pogo Sharon: Please allow me a moment.
    34819671: all right
    Pogo Sharon: I appreciate your co-operation in this matter.
    34819671: of course
    Pogo Sharon has disconnected.
    Jack: Hi, my name is Jack. How may I help you?
    34819671: Hi.. I was transferred over here from Sharon
    34819671: I was wanting to clarify the price on the nutcracker special edition mini items.
    34819671: If I pay for one at 80 gems, will I get the others for free?
    Jack: Unfortunately the chat got disconnected with Sharon.
    Jack: Let me review the issue
    34819671: I know.
    34819671: I just want to know if she’s right. That’s all.
    Jack: I would like to let you know that its a deal package worth 80 gems.
    34819671: Thank you. How will I get them? Will I have them just added to my mini’s closet?
    Jack: You will need to purchase the item as you normally purchase the mini item.
    34819671: But I will not be charged for them.. I can’t afford to spend 400 gems on mini items.
    Jack: It is not for 400 gems, it is for 80 gems, you will get below mentioned itmes for 80 gems.
    Jack: 2010 Collectible: Nutcracker 2011 Clock
    Jack: 2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Clara Rocking
    Jack: 2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Fairy & Dancers
    Jack: 2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Mouse King!
    Jack: 2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Sword Salute!
    Jack: Nutcracker King
    34819671: Wow Thank you.
    34819671: I appreciate the answer.
    Jack: You are quite welcome, Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    34819671: Are you still giving out those green and red tiki’s?
    34819671: :)
    Jack: I’m sorry but we are not awarding the Tikis items to any player now.
    34819671: okay then, thanks again for the answer!
    34819671: Have a good day
    Jack: Thank You! You too, please feel free to contact us again if there is anything else we can help you. Goodbye! Take care

    I hope that verifies it!

    Answer from Ro
    posted 8 years ago

    Here’s mine from Pogo Vincent:
    Pogo Vincent: Hi, my name is Pogo Vincent. How may I help you?
    Ro: Hi Vincent
    Ro: Quick ??
    Ro: Is that nutcracker mini item really 80 gems? or is it a misprint?
    Pogo Vincent: Yes, It’s true.
    Ro: 80 gems for 1 item?
    Pogo Vincent: As its a 2010 Collectible, you will get below mentioned items with it. So, its worth of 80 gems.

    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker 2011 Clock A-EFF-0255

    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Clara Rocking A-EFF-0256

    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Fairy & Dancers A-EFF-0253

    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Mouse King! A-EFF-0257

    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Sword Salute! A-EFF-0254

    Nutcracker King FG-0214

    Ro: do you get them all at once?
    Pogo Vincent: Yes.
    Ro: ok…ty for clarifying….is really not stated that way in the mini mall
    Pogo Vincent: Is there anything further I may assist you with?
    Ro: no…ty & have a great weekend
    Pogo Vincent: Thank you for participating in our online Chat program. Have a great day!

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 8 years ago

    Pogo Scott has emailed Lura and posted on the forums that the cost is 80 gems for EACH collectible. The info customer service is giving out is NOT correct.

    Answer from Lura
    posted 8 years ago

    Also, I just posted this Clara-fication (HAH, I crack me up!) about the 2010 Holiday Mini Collectibles. The Cliff’s Notes version is that nobody knows for sure but Pogo_Scott trumps Random CS rep and we’re going with Scott’s explanation that the items are 80 gems A PIECE. End of story, unless we’re proven wrong next week. :)


    Answer from Flower
    posted 8 years ago

    Add me to the list, with Pogo Kate (yesterday).

    Ha! She told me you receive them all at once, and we KNOW that’s not true.

    Hi, my name is Kate. How may I help you?
    Flower: Hello Kate, how are you? I have a question please.
    Kate: How are you doing?
    Kate: It’s my pleasure to assist you today.
    Kate: How are you doing?
    Kate: I am good.
    Flower: Thank you, I am fine too.
    Flower: Regarding a mini mall item, the 2010 Collectible, Nutcracker Clara Rocking – the price is 80 gems. Is this price for one item only, or the collection of 5 items?
    Kate: It is for a set of 6 Items.
    Flower: Oh, so there are 6 items?
    Flower: Do you know what all 6 are?
    Kate: 2010 Collectible: Nutcracker 2011 Clock
    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Clara Rocking
    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Fairy & Dancers
    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Mouse King!
    2010 Collectible: Nutcracker Sword Salute!
    Nutcracker King
    Flower: If I purchase now, pay 80 gems, how do I receive the other items in the set?
    Kate: You have received all of the items.
    Kate: Since all items are bound together in one set.
    Kate: It shows as one item but all items are bound together in a set.
    Flower: OK – so they are all delivered at once when I make the payment of 80 gems?
    Kate: That’s correct.
    Flower: OK – that answers my question, thank you.
    Kate: We at Pogo are highly obliged to have you as such a worthy member.
    Kate: It’s my pleasure to assist you today.
    Flower: Thank you, have a nice weekend.
    Kate: Take care and Happy Gaming!!

    Answer from Ro
    posted 8 years ago

    After an spending over an hour with CS, I have all the pieces. It seems that (even though they won’t say it) when you buy the item, it doesn’t put all the pieces in your closet so you have to go the route of CS to get the items placed there. I’m sure they will fix it at some point, but I would strongly advise copying the transcript of you chat & also looking for and saving the email that you should receive (the one that documents your chat). 80 gems for one item is just ridiculous and no one should accept not getting the full package that they paid for.

    Answer from Sheljin
    posted 8 years ago

    While I agree that I would usually go with Pogo-Scott over Pogo CS, there sure are a lot of different Pogo CS reps here saying the same thing – that they are a package. And now Ro actually has them all! I with this matter would be clarified positively before the item expires! And Pogo should immediately show all items. It could be someone might not like Clara that much, but the other items in the set would convince them they DO want the whole set. Unless it doesn’t REALLY expire and if you buy Mouse King a week or two from now, you can get the whole set anyway?

    Too many questions again, Pogo!

    Answer from Adeliegerbers
    posted 8 years ago

    Thanks Ro for the information. Several of us have gone to live chat and now have all of them added to our closet.

    It didn’t matter if you bought it yourself or if it was gifted to you.

    I just hope that everyone is treated the same and receives them all.

    Answer from beth
    posted 8 years ago

    well i wasnt gonna start a SLAM to or on pogo customer service BUT they should be more spefic and be UP FRONT and INFORMATIVE with their LOYAL customers, and besides it has been said 2 times here already so HERE….i was gifted clara by a wonderful friend, so inquiring minds wanna know so i went to live chat and asked if it came as a set they said yes like they have to all of you so i said well mine isnt there, all it shows is clara, and they added the rest of the collection to my closet :)…..
    now my lil IMO inside joke is RUN HOLLY RUN!!!! cus she opened up my christmas present early for me…..

    Answer from Lura
    posted 8 years ago

    If Pogo intended all along for the collectible items to be 80 gems a piece, there would be no explanation necessary. Sometimes the simplest reason is true.

    They are marked “collectible” therefore justifying the higher price and the price in the mini mall would be correct. They have stated on their Holiday Guide that they will release one a week for 5 weeks.

    Maybe someone who thought the price was too high just made up a rumor that is now way out of control? As far as CS spreading the wrong info, no surprise! We could tell them how their site works and they’d believe it — for example how they are giving — in advance — the full collectible set to anyone who asks now, not heeding the weekly release schedule. That’s ridiculous IMO. Wait til mini fiends who would happily pay the higher price catch wind of this and want them now!

    Just my early-morning thoughts on the matter.

    Answer from Ro
    posted 8 years ago

    OMG, just had visual of all the ‘Pogos’ having a free-for-all brawl. ROFL
    Seriously, I agree with you that (simply said) they need to get their act together. It seems that, in their rush to get things out, they are messing up big time. I only went for it in order to see what would happen and, yes it took a hour of my time, but I did get an answer and did get all the pieces. So, I figure that it really didn’t cost me anything because of the free badges I got thru their other glitch. Later,

    Answer from Lura
    posted 8 years ago

    This is a hot topic! I’m going to “sticky” it for a few days until we know for sure that the items are 80 Gems a piece or 80 for the full set. Hopefully we won’t get too many more duplicate questions. It’ll have a star next to it in the question list and it will be stuck at the top of the list until I un-sticky it.

    Answer from mem
    posted 8 years ago

    i think Pogo should put an OFFICIAL “CORRECTION NOTIFICATION” on EVERYONE’S CHAT SCREEN about the Collectibles. Should be no big deal for them, since they’ve been correcting themselves and correcting themselves and correcting themselves and correcting themselves for MONTHS now …LOL. Just my two Bits, but they SHOULD certainly DECLARE THIS PUBLICLY. We who are “in the loop” because of Lura and this site get the ANSWERS on tricky issues, but imagine anyone in the GENERAL PUBLIC who is going to be paying and paying 80 Gems a POP. THAT would be “highway robbery” on Pogo’s part.

    Maybe this “scheme” is a way to strike back and get back lost revenue from the GREAT BADGE FIASCO OF 2010?????

    Answer from Emmashalo
    posted 8 years ago

    Hi guys it’s Emily aka Dizzy_Pixie aka Emmashalo. I did what everyone else did and went back to the live chat this morning. I talked to Pogo Vincent and asked him for the other parts to the collection. He did! No questions asked! So I have 5 collectibles in my mini’s closet. They’re 16 gems a piece if you divide them evenly!

    Hope this helps! Have a great day!!

    Answer from PogoFan2010
    posted 8 years ago

    In the Pogo forums they are holding a contest for the Collectibles. They are 3 prizes for them. Thought I would let everyone know that can’t afford to buy them.

    Answer from parkercat2001
    posted 8 years ago

    Samantha, I just went to live chat, and Pogo Bruce assured me that it was 80 gems for the 5, so I purchased the one whilst still connected, when only one appeared, I told him, and now all 6 are in my closet. I was only on live chat for about 15 minutes total, so it seems to be a matter of “ask and you shall receive!”

    Answer from mozart
    posted 8 years ago

    to all readers, I am sharing my experience with Pogo customer support that I had just a few minutes ago regarding the “2010 Clara Rocking Collectible” mini item by providing the entire chat log for you.
    Jason B.: Hi, my name is Jason B.. How may I help you?
    Mozartjea: Hi Jason: I have a question/ problem with the 2010: Clara Collectible mini item that I just purchased
    Jason B.: Hello, What is the question?
    Mozartjea: I purchased it for 80 gems and was told this purchase includes all the 6 nuttcracker collectible items
    Mozartjea: after I made the purchase the other 5 items were not in my mini closet. can you help?
    Jason B.: From what i know about it, it does come with other things however it does not come with the other nutcracker items.
    Jason B.: It is 1 of 6 collectable items.
    Mozartjea: OK, then how do I get them added to my closet andwhat are they.
    Mozartjea: I have a list of the items they are supposed to be.
    Jason B.: Well the other nutcracker items where only available for a short amount of time. I think you may have missed some, but for the rest you just wait till they come out and buy them with gems.
    Mozartjea: not. the date at the mini mall currently says 4 days to go yet
    Jason B.: Yes, then the next collectable item will come out.
    Mozartjea: no. Jason you are giving the wrong info. I have talked to other pogo members that had this same issue they got all their items this morning and yesterday by contacting customer support.
    Mozartjea: one of my friend chatted with Pogo-Jack and another friend chatted with Pogo-Sharon.
    Mozartjea: and the other 5 items were added to my friends’ closets today
    Jason B.: hmm… well as far as I know i was giving you the correct informaiton. I Can not give you these items, Let me take a look and see what i can do.
    Mozartjea: Does this Collectible item include all 6 items for the 80 gem price?
    Mozartjea: or 400 gems?
    Jason B.: The one item does not include all 6.
    Jason B.: The other collectable items are not out yet.
    Mozartjea: That is totallly not correct according my other friends’ experience this morning
    Mozartjea: It seems all pogo members are not being treated equally.
    Jason B.: Its not that we are not treating you equilly
    Jason B.: Equally sorry,
    Jason B.: I am looking onto it right now but as far as i know it does not come with all 6 items.
    Mozartjea: If this is the case then I wasnt my 80 gems back and do not want this mini item. I was going to buy some other mini items that are not collectibles, but I can afford it after being mislead on this issue with the collectible.
    Mozartjea: I will never buy another premium mini item again if I can not get this issue resovled as my friends did.
    Jason B.: that i can do you for you, please give me your screen name.
    Mozartjea: Mozartjea
    Mozartjea: In the upper chat item I meant to say “I cnanot afford it”
    Mozartjea: cannot
    Mozartjea: sorry
    Jason B.: Yes, i understood.
    Jason B.: I have added the gems back to your account and you can keep the item. Very sorry about the mix up.
    Mozartjea: Thank you very much for this resolution. It is not exactly how I hoped it would turn out, but I understand your restrictions as they are given to you. Again “Thank you”
    Jason B.: Thank you, is there anything else i can help you with?
    Mozartjea: Not at this time. thank you.
    Mozartjea: will you send me an email with the transcript of this chat session?
    Jason B.: I am unable to do that, but you can copy and paste it into a word document if you would like.
    Mozartjea: ok, thank you.

    Therefore some badge hungry people are either very lucky with their experience with Pogo CS or they are “making up” their stories to get some hype going. They did refund my 80 gems and the “Clara Rocking’ is still in my closet. You may view my mini at “Mozartjea” to see it.

    Answer from Sheljin
    posted 8 years ago

    While 80 divided by 5 would be 16 gems apiece, which people are using to justify that it must mean it was a collectible SET for 80 gems, why would something be labeled “collectible” (and thereby “special”) but be offered for the same regular price?

    That said, I think 80 gems was always too high for these things – ridiculous. 80 x 5 or 6 = 400/480 gems! That’s approx 25 real-life bucks! (Sorry, not working it out to the penny.) So, if the original price is what caused the speculation and questions, leading to this problem, then Pogo’s greed brought this problem on itself. (Frankly, as I write, I am having a harder and harder time believing Pogo came out with such an expensive item during the holiday season in this economy.)

    OTOH, there is always the possibility that the “collectible” categorization was simply to notify everyone that these items were special by the fact that they are a themed holiday set with each item ONLY available for a week. In which case, the 80 gem cost for a set still works for Pogo because many more people will be willing to fork it over to make sure they don’t miss out on the set. For instance, I’m toying with it and I *never* buy gem items in the mall. Dang you, Pogo!! ;>

    I see reasons to believe both possibilities……but since Pogo’s own CS continues to operate as if this is a fact and is awarding them as a set, then I’m leaning towards that as the truth of the matter. We haven’t heard one report yet of someone NOT getting the set (as we did with the Tikis).

    JMO. And, Lura, I *LOVE* the sticky stars option to keep questions on top. Wonderful!

    Answer from Sheljin
    posted 8 years ago

    I posted my previous message at the same time as mozart posted. So, I stand corrected that no one has gotten a “no” yet. lol Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

    I do still stand by the rest of what I said. AND I still hold out hope that for anyone who bought Clara legitimately and didn’t ask for the set, that they may be pleasantly surprised as each item comes out. But……I won’t hold my breath either.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 8 years ago

    Mozart – You can look at my mini and see the Mouse King, so we really did get the sets added to our closets. Sorry that you weren’t as lucky.

    Answer from mem
    posted 8 years ago

    Two of my friends DID NOT GET THE SET or the REFUND THAT MOZART DID…so this topic rages on!

    Answer from SamanthaAvett
    posted 8 years ago

    Thank you Moms =)

    Answer from SamanthaAvett
    posted 8 years ago

    Hi again..
    After reading each of your replies, I decided to go back to the Live Chat help and ask about the Collectibles and how to get the rest, after I’ve purchased the First. Clara.
    And happily, “Pogo Rock” added the rest of the Collectibles to my closet and he also added the rest to my friends Closet. I’d also purchased Clara for her.
    Although he said he put 6 items into my closet.. he actually put an additional 4 into my closet. So it is 5 total that I have now, for the purchase price of 80 Gems.
    So if you haven’t gotten the rest yet.. or have tried already and didn’t get them.. Please go back and try again.
    I think you will recieve them.
    I did, so you should as well.
    Good Luck!
    Here’s the conversation with mine and my friends screen names removed:

    Pogo Rock (Listening)
    Pogo Rock: Hi, my name is Pogo Rock. How may I help you?

    875842766: Hi Rock. I’m wondering how I can get the rest of the Collectibles. I purchased Clara for myself and for a friend

    875842766: I’m told they are part of a Set.. which are all included in the 80 Gem Price.

    Pogo Rock: Ok send me your and your friend screen name I will check the record and make sure that you people get all the items.

    875842766: Ok, thank you!

    875842766: ***** and *****

    Pogo Rock: Thank you for the screen names. Please give me a minute to fix this issue.

    875842766: Sure, & thank you

    Pogo Rock: Thanks for waiting so long.

    875842766: You’re very welcome

    Pogo Rock: I have make sure that you and your friend have all the 6 mini items related to Nutcracker Collectible.

    Pogo Rock: You can your account and also ask your friend to check his account.

    Pogo Rock: All the mini items are there now.

    875842766: You are a dear. I appreciate it, and so will my friend. Thank you so much Rock.

    875842766: Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Pogo Rock: Thank you for giving me an opportunity to service your issue. You will be receiving a Survey shortly in your email. I will appreciate if you can take out a moment and mention if I was of any help to you. Have a nice weekend and stay warm.

    875842766: I definately will fill it out. You have been wonderful. I just checked my closet & I have them. Thank you. Thank you! And you too! Take good care!

    Pogo Rock: Thank you.

    Pogo Rock: Bye.

    875842766: Bubye

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 8 years ago

    If you already had the non-animated Nutcracker King goodie from 2008 you only got a total of 5 pieces. If you did not already own that goodie it was added to the pieces given out by customer service.

    Answer from mspatmac
    posted 8 years ago

    I did join the bandwagon and get all the items from CS. I had purchased Clara when she first came out.

    If Pogo cs had not given out incorrect information when the first person questioned the number of gems needed, it would have been a non issue. She people would have complained about the cost, the boards would have been ablaze with complaints, those that wanted them would have purchased them and it all would have died out. BUT, lack of communication AGAIN with cs has caused thousands of folks that would never have purchased them to get in on a freebie and “collectibles” are as common as any other mini. Oh pogo, when will you learn – just correct communication within your own company and this would have never happened.

    Answer from mem
    posted 8 years ago

    My 2 friends FINALLY got theirs, but no refunds, so Mozart was lucky! U GO MOZART!!!!

    Answer from wheatonmom44
    posted 8 years ago

    I just contacted CS through live chat and did receive all the other collectible items added to my closet. I spoke with Pogo Sharon, it took about 20 minutes and was totally pain free.

    Answer from whencrazypigsfly
    posted 8 years ago

    geez i sooooooooooo hate details……i think i’ll wait and see what happens! gl to all though

    Answer from DivaDianaxx
    posted 8 years ago

    Hi all, I just spoke with Live Chat and received the collection. So try again if you were unlucky, check my mini, i have two of them showing
    Good Luck all, it was very easy with no problem at all to get them put into my mini closet

    Answer from Miamary
    posted 8 years ago

    I’m wondering if pogo has made a official statement about this. I find it odd that you have to purchase the clara one for 80 gems and then go through CS to receive the other ones.. What about all the members who don’t go to a fan site or visit the forums.. how would they know that they have to go to CS to get them all.. I’m only wondering because I want to gift this to a friend but I don’t want to tell her that she has to go to CS to get the rest of them.. I just wish Pogo would say something about this already.

    Answer from AvsGirl
    posted 8 years ago


    My boyfriend wanted to treat me so he bought me the girl w/ the doll. Well when I had only rec’d the girl and not the other 4 collectibles he live chatted and I now have all 5. So my point is you may want to gift it to your friend and then provide live chat w/ her pogo name so they may add them to her mall.

    Answer from psalm233
    posted 8 years ago

    Well I have some really bad news for e1 & I want to apologize before I go on~~ I just live chatted with poged bruce & I did NOT like the answer I recieved. I wanted to check b4 i made the big purchase. Here is my conversation with Pogo bruce ~~~~~

    Pogo Bruce: Hi, my name is Pogo Bruce. How may I help you?

    me: hi

    Me: I have a burning question

    Pogo Bruce: Hey there how may I assist you?

    Pogo Bruce: Yes please tell me.

    Me: in reguards to the new item in the mini mall “Clara”

    Me: can you tell me how this works is it 80 gems for the whole set?

    Pogo Bruce: Yes 1 item cost 80 Gems.

    Me: my friends have been getting all 6 for 80 gems

    Pogo Bruce: No that was a false advertisement and it cost 80 per piece. This is a collection item.

    Pogo Bruce: Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Me: how did other people get all 6 for 80gems ~ i have seen the items ~ they showed them to me ~ I’m very confused

    Pogo Bruce: That was a mistake and it will be removed from their account as well. They will need to re-purchase them.

    Me: OMG that will be very bad.

    Me: ok I will not be purchasing these items ~ WAY TO MUCH

    Pogo Bruce: Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Me: no that is all ~~ Thank You for your time

    Pogo Bruce: Take care and have a great day!

    Me: Thank You ~ U2

    Pogo Bruce: Bye!

    Me: BYE

    Pogo Bruce has disconnected.
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    Answer from Lura
    posted 8 years ago

    I’ll make an update post on the main BH site soon. Looks like Pogo_Scott was right.

    Thanks psalm.

    Update: Here’s the post!


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