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This question has been closed by the author.why is my credit card not being accepted?

I am trying to add my credit card for my club subscription renewal coming up in November. I am getting an error message saying my card is not acceptable although it is the same one I have used for the last few years. When I try to contact EA help, as I have done on numerous occasions, and click on the links, I get a message saying the web page is not available. Does anyone know how to contact EA for such issues or do I need to let my membership of 6 years expire because of this. I really would miss my pogo but I refuse to do business with a company that has no customer service support. If Pogo has moved that option, where did it go? If they didn’t, does anyone know why the Pogo help link not have any working options?

I would appreciate any responses and suggestions

Thank you everyone

    Answer from goNILor4p
    posted 6 years ago

    From responses I’ve seen posted if you are unable to get through via the Help link Pogo suggests you try a different web browser. I have had no problems getting help when I use Chrome.

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