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This question has been closed by the author.I completed a Mix and Match album and I didn’t receive my Super Badge?

    Answer from prinzdarian
    posted 11 months ago

    Try doing one of the daily token challenges, a premium album badge, or re-doing one of the badges in that album. This is a common issue if there is an html5 game badge in the album.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 11 months ago

    And try to not finish an album with an HTML game. I like to do mine in order, but the album I’m currently finishing had an HTML game in the 20th slot. But I did it before 5 other games to try and avoid this problem.

    But prinzdarian is correct, try doing 1 or both of the daily challenges.

    Good Luck!

    Answer from MzSteree
    posted 11 months ago

    Thanks for the help. I did dailies for 3 days and a premium album badge, nothing. This morning I replayed a badge in the album and voila I got it !! Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day, =)

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