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This question has been closed by the author.We can’t check our PayDay FreeCell stats?

I remember they switched PayDay from Java to Flash a bunch of years ago, but thought I could still access my stats.
I tried today from the game start, clicking on “stats” by my picture/name, but it says “stats are not available for this game”.
Am I doing something wrong, did I encounter a glitch, or is it that we can no longer access stats?
(I really wanted to see how close I am to the next rank)

    Tom | Best Answer, chosen by question author
    posted 1 year ago

    I’m not sure if the stat link on the start screen ever worked when they changed that. There just isn’t much use for that screen IMO since they removed posting your friends stats for the week, now all you know is that someone played it “recently.”
    If you load the game, however, you can check your stats the old fashioned ways by either clicking on the My Stats tab on the bottom of the screen or loading a profile and clicking Stats.

    - Tom

      Answer from Caren
      posted 1 year ago

      I’m getting that error too. You should be able to see your rank progress at the end of each game.

      Answer from RyzandShyn
      posted 1 year ago

      Thanks, Caren.
      I hope it’s just a temporary glitch-error type thing.
      Of course it would happen on the day I wanted to check :)

      Answer from RyzandShyn
      posted 1 year ago

      In the chat window you have to left click on your name to get to “See Profile” and then you can check your stats.
      I could swear I did that, but I think I was right clicking instead.
      Ok, it was a senior moment on my part.
      Thanks for the help here and in my Pogo mail!

      Answer from RyzandShyn
      posted 1 year ago

      And by the way…..
      the rank badge I was check on says “Win 1,000 games” and I have won 1,026 but didn’t get the badge.
      Going to go check my albums now again and then make a call about it if I have to.

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