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Can someone get over 60+badges in poppit bingo in one day?

I saw someones’s profile, and they have 60 badges in one day in poppit bingo.. Room 21 and Room 22, which is the last one. It takes me two to 3 hrs just to level up one rank, let alone a room. Is there a secret that I am missing???

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 1 month ago

    If it wasn’t for the 2 room badges I would say yes, if they were achievements that hadn’t been collected.

    But I can’t say no with those 2 room badges either.

    If they were 1 game from getting the room 21 badge it is possible that they played enough, and had enough good games, to get room 22 also.

    I have already played enough to earn 8 million XP in a day, and wouldn’t need that much to do this is I were 1 game from room 21.

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