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Can anyone share what they did to get past Jet set Solitaire Sydney please?

I need almost three stars in all places in Sydney. I am short two stars but have played one of them 53 times and Only two stars! If I miss a card, I go to replay and don’t use power ups. I know there must be a secret.

    Answer from Travlr
    posted 5 days ago

    I had the exact same problem. I checked here on BH and Googled it, only thing I saw was replay until you get it. There are no tips. I eventually did it, without using any power ups. But, it probably took me about 500 games total to finish Sydney. Since i was going for the long badge for removing cards, I did not worry about it. It really comes down to getting a good set of cards. For some, that may be quick, for others, not so quick. I believe the number of games that it took was excessive and would have been frustrating for a different weekly badge with more limited time frame. For most badges in Jet Set, people have ‘go to’ levels that they play. However, that kinda defeats the purpose if you want to progress in the game.

    Answer from lr3216
    posted 3 days ago

    Thank you Travir. Guess I will keep trying. I Really appreciate knowing I am not alone in trying to leave Sydney! Again, thank you so much!

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