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Why are Boggle Bash, Crossword Cove and Payday Free Cell Not Loading on Chrome?

Using Chrome. Boggle Bash and Crossword Cove loaded in IE.

    Answer from Signslady
    posted 1 week ago

    Those games are Flash. I have found that in Chrome, I have to give permission for Flash to run. Look at the end of the address bar when you’re in one of those games. There’s probably an object at the end of the web address that looks like a puzzle piece and has a red square in it. Click on it and give permission for Flash to run. I have mine set to run Flash all the time, but now it’s not recognizing that again. So I have to give permission each time I play in Chrome.

    Answer from HOCK9952
    posted 1 week ago

    In Google Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy & security > Content settings > Flash Click on the little side arrow. Configure your Flash settings. While here, you can also add exceptions for Pogo under “Allow”.

    Alternatively, enter chrome://settings in your omnibox & do a search for Flash.

    Answer from Signslady
    posted 1 week ago

    HOCK, I have my Flash settings configured to allow Pogo and some other sites. Lately, though, I’ve had to click on the “puzzle piece” in the address bar sometimes to give it permission to run. This happens periodically.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 1 week ago

    Someone posted in the forums that she had to add Pogo to the exception list again for some reason.

    Answer from newbee2games
    posted 6 days ago

    Mine was blocking flash for several hours last nite. I restarted several times and then it cleared up as suddenly as it started.

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