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This question has been closed by the author.Does anyone know why Blooop and QWERTY close down right before the game finishes?

    Answer from prinzdarian
    posted 4 years ago

    There are a lot of games that have various issues that the engineers are aware of and working on fixing, and now that the ever so important display of tokens is completed, they are going to start fixing those issues.

    Answer from lydia73061
    posted 4 years ago

    Last night – May 31st – I played Qwerty in ” 900 ” point mode with private game turned on (played robots)… and it WORKED PERFECTLY !! Yay !! Been waiting for this to get fixed as I only need a Qwerty badge to complete a mix/match album that has been laying dormant (lol). Maybe being in the 900 point game helped? I don’t know, but I am glad it is working again – even the “play again” button worked :)

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