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How do I get the Big Fish Casino Freebies on the list?

I am less than 2 hrs. new to BadgeHungry.com. I am a Big Time Big Fish (free online version) addict. Which is how I landed here @BadgerHungry.com. For The Freebies, tips, giveaways. But I cannot seem to fully load any of the links on the list!! Each link I’ve clicked on –I get “Error – Unable to upload this link – Reason – **Something Something, this link has been related to something of Scheme”!

Can some one please direct me or advise me in the right direction, so I can start loading up on my free loot !!??

    Answer from Lura
    posted 1 week ago

    Welcome to BadgeHungry!

    I’m not getting any errors this morning (although sometimes when Big Fish Casino is down for maintenance I’ve seen errors).

    Are you using a mobile device or are you using a pc/mac? If you’re on mobile, the list only works on pcs or macs, but you can follow these instructions to link your account and then use the list from a pc or mac to get the freebies.

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