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This question has been closed by the author.How do I get the Big Fish Casino Freebies on the list?

I am less than 2 hrs. new to BadgeHungry.com. I am a Big Time Big Fish (free online version) addict. Which is how I landed here @BadgerHungry.com. For The Freebies, tips, giveaways. But I cannot seem to fully load any of the links on the list!! Each link I’ve clicked on –I get “Error – Unable to upload this link – Reason – **Something Something, this link has been related to something of Scheme”!

Can some one please direct me or advise me in the right direction, so I can start loading up on my free loot !!??

    Answer from Lura
    posted 11 months ago

    Welcome to BadgeHungry!

    I’m not getting any errors this morning (although sometimes when Big Fish Casino is down for maintenance I’ve seen errors).

    Are you using a mobile device or are you using a pc/mac? If you’re on mobile, the list only works on pcs or macs, but you can follow these instructions to link your account and then use the list from a pc or mac to get the freebies.

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