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This question has been closed by the author.Why can’t badges gifted by Pogo be deleted?

Why does Pogo have a program bug but won’t fix it. I tried going to forums but I cannot figure out how to post. Pogo gave us 5 badges for Jet Solitaire. When the badges are in your gift box, you have the option to delete. I deleted all five but they still put them in my mix-n-match album. I contacted help and was told there is nothing they can do about it. I have deleted the challenges, cannot activate them and now cannot complete the album. Help says “sorry, out of luck”. They will not award the badges so I can complete the album. Really Pogo?

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 9 months ago

    Pogo doesn’t allow the return of gifts, from them or from anyone else.

    When you delete a badge from your gifts you are only deleting it from that list. The badge will still appear in your Mix & Match Albums. You can activate a badge from your M&M Album or from the Challenge Tab when you are in the game.

    “Some” members say that gifts that are not opened disappear after a certain amount of time. But you cannot go to your gifts at all for this to open, so remember not to click on the gift box for any reason. But I have never tried it, just passing along what I’ve read in the forums.

    And Pogo doesn’t award badges for any reason. They made that decision quite a few years ago when members were abusing the system. Sorry!

    I don’t see them changing anything. If they allowed people to delete gifts they would have people complaining that they did it in error. No matter which way Pogo goes they are going to have members that are not happy.

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