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This question has been closed by the author.How can i get the album i just bought Family game night i dont show up and i payed 72 gems for it?

saw it in Trivial persuit and bought it, now i cant activate the challenge and cant see it in my collection n in albums either

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 6 years ago

    I’ve never purchased a PBA from the game screen so don’t know if the process is different than if you purchase it thru Badge Central.

    I would check my gem transaction record to make sure it went thru, and then I would contact customer service if I still couldn’t find it in my collection.

    Good Luck!

    Answer from mellowmaddy1
    posted 6 years ago

    Did you check your box that says checkout. If i remember right I once hit a link and it put it in my box to be bought but then I had to go to Badge Central and put in my password etc and purchase as normal.

    Good Luck

    Answer from Storm
    posted 6 years ago

    Are you outside the US/Canada?

    If so, the PBA will still show as available to purchase under the games associated with the challenges.

    You will be charged the 72 Pogo Gems, but will not be able to access the PBA as it contains Scrabble.

    Contact Pogo via Live Chat or Email to obtain a refund.

    Anyone who is unable to play Scrabble due to their location should avoid purchasing either, Scrabble Secrets PBA, Family Game Night PBA or Family Classics PBA (which is currently retired). This will result in the Pogo Gems being deducted and unable to find or access the PBA.

    Answer from eggfarmer
    posted 6 years ago

    Are you a UK player by any chance?

    The exact same thing happened to me. That album is advertised on the home page as a suggestion that I buy it – which I did – and it didn’t show up. That is because it has some Scrabble challenges in it, and as you know we from the UK are not allowed to play the Scrabble challenges.

    I had a terrible time with customer services, but eventually I got someone who knew what they were talking about and managed to get a refund for the gems I had spent, the exact same number of badges in free Mix and Matches to compensate me for the loss of the badges that I could have earnt with that album, and 50,000 tokens as compensation for all the time and effort it took me to sort out the mess.

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