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This question has been closed by the author.Is there a 2 minute issue in Clue?

Any one else having a problem with Clue in the stats section showing that if you finish a complete puzzle in under 2 mins that it posts that it took AN HOUR (1:00:00) If it is done in 2 mins and 1 second it posts just fine (2:01) but everything under 2 mins posts incorrectly. This is for the entire puzzle including the find the differences.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 5 years ago

    That problem has always existed and Pogo has stated that they can not fix it unless they were to reprogram the entire game. And they are not going to do that.

    You are the only one that will ever know how much faster you can complete it. I’ve done it in less than 1 min 30 sec, and someone I know had it to just about a minute.

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