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  1. I went to see what the background looked like and it’s locked. Another disappointment from pogo.

    • I found out from Mod Jada that the fairy gardens will stay locked until Hawaiian Gardens are finished.

      • That’s not quite complete information — it will unlock automatically when you finish Hawaiian Gardens Part 3, but if you don’t/can’t, it will unlock automatically anyway on March 1st.

        • Lura my part 3 in Hawaiian garden is still locked after all this time because I have been stuck on puzzle 55 in part 2 for well over a month, I refuse to buy powerups, so there it will sit, because I am sick of playing it. Just saying.

    • the background you see is not the one you get for 10,000
      so what is the point.

      no you cant see nada til you finish hawaii parts.

  2. Love all of the art for this garden and can’t wait for the next two parts! 🙂

    Already completed 1/2 of the puzzles plus earned the first Happiness badge.

  3. was sad to see mine still locked.. i thought i had done all… as the other other episode was locked yesterday and today the part 3 is the unlocked episode. not fairy.not a happy camper.. wonder why part 3 was not unlocked until today when all other episodes were completed ??

  4. Not real fond of the new fairy gardens and levels seem harder to get 3 stars which means lots of $s for power-ups 🙁

    • The only power up I buy is the scissor snip one. And then I only use it if I have 1 card left on the board. I will first try a few times to get it without using the snips. I love this game!!!

  5. I should have suspected something when power-ups went on sale yesterday (I refuse to buy them). They have made it almost impossible to win without them. I have played for 2 hours and have only completed 3 levels (with 1 or 1/2 stars). I have had as many as 17 cards left in the pile and one card on the board and still couldn’t win. Pogo sure knows how to put a damper on games that should be enjoyable.

  6. I am in Hawaiian Gardens part 2 I have been taken my time and yes sometimes it takes long enough to finish a level but I still have all the power ups I started with has anyone else? I just enjoy the game it is just like playing patience if it takes a week or two to get out then so be it. I am sure the time will come for me to use them but until then I will just carry on as I am.
    Good Luck All

  7. I don’t care for this game much. It’s tedious and without being willing to pay for powerups the harder puzzles have to be replayed 15 to 20 times before it lets me win. Never happy to see I’m just falling farther behind as they keep adding more to it.

  8. I am beyond disgusted with the continued restrictions on this game.

    Instead of making the puzzles a bit easier as stated in a posting, they are getting harder to complete unless you use powerups or spend a lot of time to simply complete the puzzle without added assistance.

    They change how to get the garden items, which is no big deal, but they must think we are complete idiots not to see what a ripoff buying certain items cost, which mostly affects those using seeds to get the Happiness Badges.

    They put a lock on how many seeds you can stash toward those badges, which is unreasonable in my opinion. What difference does it make if I work the whole month to build those seeds while I work on increasing my stars???? So what if I have enough seeds to get those badges quickly, I still have to work the puzzles to get the puzzle badges.

    Now in addition to the cap on the seeds, they STILL left the cap on how many seeds you earn in a 24 hour period. So now that I’m in the final stretch of the new release, I am no longer earning ANY seeds at all. I’ve already spent what I’ve earned since I wasn’t allowed to stash seeds to get the 3rd Happiness Badge, but now there is NO POINT in working the puzzles if I can’t even earn anymore seeds.

    This is what they put in place prior to the 50,000 seed limit and apparently that wasn’t enough, I’m not sure nor do I recall what that daily limit was, somewhere between 11,000 and 18,000. So I am now forced to wait until I am ALLOWED to earn seeds again. This BLOWS!!!!!!!!

      • Not sure what you mean by special badges.
        There are 3 Happiness badges connected to the top meter, that you use your seeds to buy garden items, which in turn advances you on that meter.

        The other badges, which are the game badges you get when you complete every 5th puzzle on the board, for a total of 12 badges if you complete the entire 60 puzzles.

        I apparently served my “timeout” and now able to earn seeds again, but I will have to keep track what the limit is now for earning within a 24 hour period.

  9. Thought Fairy Tale Garden would have lots cute items. Instead there are the ugly small and dried up beanstalks. Lots of benches….come can do better than that! And so expensive!

    • There are many cute items in part one. I just completed part one and have all the above badges plus the first happiness badge, and no…I didn’t use a single power up. Some of the levels were really hard and took me an hour or longer but I’m a very patient person and if I get stuck for a long period, as someone else stated, I just play something else for a while (one level I had to give up on last night and redo this morning and got it on the 2nd try).

      I love the candy cane street lamp, the candy house and especially the scarecrow. The others items listed in the shed will unlock during part 2 and 3 and there are really cute ones to come. Sorry you’re disappointed but I love these items more than the previous two gardens.