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» When is [insert game name here] going to be released?

BadgeHungry is often the first web site to report details about upcoming games that Pogo.com has in development. Due to our credibility, we often receive questions from our loyal readers and users who want to know when a specific game is going to be released. Unfortunately, due to the nature of software development, nobody really knows that answer, except maybe Pogo employees (and we don’t know any of those). We do, however, know that there are certain events that take place every week and every month, and we can narrow down some releases to certain days of the week. Which week, you ask? Sorry, your guess is as good as ours!

* When a new game is released or a game is upgraded, it usually happens on a Tuesday after maintenance. Pogo has released a few games on other days, but it’s not the norm. Sometimes you can get into a new game’s page before it is listed on the Pogo home page by going through your Badge Central Game Award album or by adding it to your Favorites if it’s listed in the “Games to Choose From”.

» Daily events

Crossword Cove
New puzzle is published (around 12am Pacific/3am Eastern)

Word Search Daily
New puzzle is published (around 12am Pacific/3am Eastern)

Trivial Pursuit Daily 20
New questions are published (around 12am Pacific/3am Eastern)

Daily Specials
Posted (around 12am Pacific/3am Eastern)

» Weekly events

Events! – New events are posted
Clue – new episode released each Monday (up to 4 per month, at 4am Pacific/7am Eastern)

Maintenance – 2am Pacific/5am Eastern – lasts from 30 minutes to several hours
News – Published during maintenance: Tiki Brothers Tech Info, Player Spotlight and Opinion Poll on News page sidebar
New games* are often released on Tuesdays
Claire Hart – new episode(s) released monthly on average (at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern)
Letters from Nowhere – new episode(s) released sporadically
Sherlock Holmes – new episode(s) released sporadically

Badge Day! – 4am Pacific/7am Eastern – Weekly Challenges begin
News – Letters to the Editor are published

Mini Day! – If there are new items, they will be released in the Mini Mall 4am Pacific/7am Eastern.
Triple Token Thursdays – 9,000 free tokens, see our homepage for details
Big City Adventure – new episode released every Thursday (at 3am Eastern/12am Pacific)

News – Ms. Netiquette Published

» Monthly events

Premium Badge Album – most months: 1 per month, released at 7am Pacific/10am Eastern

Mix-n-Match challenges – 1st/15th of each month
Once a month on the 1st, Pogo officially releases new Mix-n-Match challenge badges. In the past, these releases happened mid-month; now they are released either as one full set on the 1st of the month or half on the 1st and half on the 15th. Starting in December 2007, Pogo began to retire a set of Mix-n-Match challenges prior to releasing new ones.

Club Pogo Insider Newsletter – 2 times a month
Twice a month, Pogo sends out their Insider Newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter, visit the left sidebar of the News page.

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