Pogo Hearts: How to Shoot the Moon

Several of Pogo’s badges in Hearts require you to “Shoot the Moon”. Shooting the Moon is a special strategy in which a player tries to take all 13 Hearts and the Queen of Spades. If you manage to Shoot the Moon you can either add 26 points to everyone’s score or subtract 26 from your own.

Current “Shoot the Moon” Badges are:

King of Hearts Badge (Weekly, May 16, 2012)
Studmuffin Badge (Mix-n-Match, October 2007)
Blue Moon Badge (Weekly, July 6, 2005)
Lunar VIP Badge (Starter Album)

These instructions are courtesy of Storm, who has been so helpful to so many of you in comments and the Q&A. He’s volunteered his strategy for shooting the moon in Hearts in hopes it’ll help many more of you with your Hearts badges for months and years to come.

Note: you can also follow these instructions by double-browsing instead of playing with a friend.

How to Shoot the Moon in Pogo Hearts

Here is a strategy guide in helping to “Shoot the Moon” in Hearts. This method is played with a friend sat opposite you. These instructions are not a guarantee but this strategy will help you shoot the moon, if you and your friend are lucky enough to be dealt hands that can support you taking all of the hearts and the Queen of Spades.

Make sure to have your table set to the options below. Also have it set to private so you are not disturbed.

Basic table set-up:
Hearts: Shoot the Moon: Basic table setup

Advanced options:
Hearts: Shoot the Moon: Advanced Settings

To begin with you will need to pass 3 cards to the person sat opposite you. Ideally you should work together and have them pass the highest hearts they have – this can include the Queen of Spades.

For this method to work, you will need to have or be passed the Ace of Hearts, plus either the King or Queen of Hearts. Also having 1 or 2 of the Ace, King or Queen of Spades would be an advantage.

Try to have between 5 – 7 heart cards after the initial pass. If you have anything lower than that, exit and restart. This will ensure you have the maximum possibility of shooting the moon.

Your cards should mainly be highly ranked cards, this will make it easier to keep control of the game.

The player who has the 2 of clubs plays first – play continues clockwise. Try and trump the highest card to take control of the next hand. Play the higher ranked clubs and diamonds to gain control.

Hearts: Shoot the Moon: Pass 3 cards

Next pass the player opposite you the lower ranked cards – ones in the Clubs and Diamond suits as these will not help you take control of the hands.

If you have the Queen of Spades, play this next. (The robots will not play the King of Spades as the idea of the game is to take the lowest amount of points). This will give you 13 points.

If you don’t have the Queen of Spades, play either the King or Ace of Spades – either robot will play the Queen of Spades, so you will end up taking the 13 points.

Avoid playing the lower hearts once the Queen of Spades is played (broken), as the robots will try to take the tricks to avoid you shooting the moon.

Hearts: Shooting the Moon: Play all the lower ranked cards in the Clubs and Diamond suits

Start with the Ace of Hearts, but make sure the King of Hearts is played – if you don’t already have it. Ideally you need to “flush” out the higher hearts from the robots.

Then play the Queen of Hearts, Jack etc. It should ideally only take 4 or 5 hands to have taken all of the hearts. Once all hearts have been played you will have 26 points.

Keep count! There are only 13 heart cards to take – this will ensure you shoot the moon. You don’t want any uncounted heart cards to catch you out right before the end!

Hearts: Shooting the Moon: play the Ace of Hearts, followed by the King and Queen of Hearts

If you have any cards left just play any, there are no more points to take.

Congratulations! You’ve shot the moon!

Hearts: Shooting the Moon: Congratulations You've Shot the Moon

Click the option “Add 26 points to everyone elses score”. This will end the game as it was set to 25 points.

Hearts: Shooting the Moon: 26 Points

Hearts: Shoot the Moon: Game Over

That’s it. You have successfully “Shot the Moon”.

Of course, there are various other strategies players use and alternative options you can apply. But this method focuses on the basics for all players including beginners and it’ll help grasp the concept of shooting the moon.

Still need help? Check out previous Q&A about how to shoot the moon.

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