Mini Awards

In March 2009, Pogo implemented “Mini Awards” in some of their games and later added Mini Awards to more games in June and July 2009. You can claim your Mini items if you’ve already ranked high enough in each game. Just visit Pogo’s Mini Awards pages and use the dropdown menu to cycle through the pages to claim the awards you’re eligible for. You can reach the Mini Awards pages from a link on the page of the games that offer Mini Awards.

If you haven’t achieved the required ranks to earn a Mini item, you’ll get them automatically (like how you get badges automatically) when you rank high enough. (Here’s a post detailing what happened when I won the last Mini award in EWB, it’s called How to Win a Mini Award.)

Deluxe Mini Items

You can earn Mini items from Deluxe (downloadable) games as well: Tri-Peaks 2, Diner Dash Family Style, Mahjong Garden Deluxe, The Poppit! Show, Word Riot Deluxe, Operation Mania, Lottso! Deluxe, Pictureka! Museum Mayhem, Word Whomp Underground, and Way To Go! Bowling.

Below are the Mini Awards currently available that you can earn on Pogo:

Aces Up!
Aces Up! Mini Awards
Rank 2: Aces Up Goggles
Rank 2: Miriam’s Aces Up! Goggles
Rank 3: Aces Up Airplane Toy
Rank 4: Miriam Action Toy!

Boardwalk Sea Ball
Mini Awards for Boardwalk Sea Ball
Rank 3: Dolphin Prize
Rank 5: Sea King Prize
Rank 8: Boardwalk Seaball

Canasta Mini Awards
Rank 1: Hip Hip Beret (hat, male/female)
Rank 2: Melded On (top, male/female)
Rank 4: Canasta Scooter (goodie)

Crazy Cakes
Crazy Cakes Mini Awards
Rank 2: Rock-it Rocket
Rank 5: Ribbit Refuse
Rank 7: Easy Bake

Dice City Roller
Dice City Roller Mini Awards
Rank 2: Die-ing Star (goodie)
Rank 6: Sold! (goodie)
Rank 8: Hatching a Plan (goodie)

Everyone Wins Bingo
Everyone Wins Bingo Mini Awards
Rank 3: Acorn Helmet (hat, male/female)
Rank 7: Young Oak (goodie)
Rank 11: Secluded Forest (background)

Flower Daze
Flower Daze Mini Awards
Rank 3: ‘Flower’ Works (goodie)
Rank 5: ‘Flower’ Chord Maker (goodie)
Rank 8: 190 Horse-’Flower’ Van (goodie)

Hog Heaven Slots
Hog Heaven Slots Mini Awards
Rank 4: His Majesty of Bacon
Rank 4: Her Majesty of Bacon
Rank 11: Ham-lo
Rank 15: Sow Soarers

Jungle Gin
Jungle Gin Mini Awards
Rank 2: Chomper Vines
Rank 4: Iggy the Iguana
Rank 8: Foreign Foliage

KenoPop! Mini Awards
Rank 14: Spotlight (goodie)
Rank 32: Totally Tubular (goodie)
Rank 42: Keno Pop (background)

Lottso! Mini Awards
Rank 1: Don’t Touch That Dial!
Rank 3: The Lottso! Machine
Rank 4: Star of the Ball

Mahjong Garden
Mahjong Garden Mini Awards
Rank 1: Pile of Tiles (goodie)
Rank 4: Hatching a Plan (goodie)
Rank 6: Looking Skyward (goodie)

Monopoly Slots
Monopoly Slots Mini Awards
Rank 1: Gas Guzzlin’ Hot Rod (goodie)
Rank 3: Mini Choo-choo (goodie)
Rank 5: Down by the boardwalk (background)

Penguin Blocks
Penguin Blocks Mini Awards
Rank 2: Pesky Penguin (goodie)
Rank 3: Chunka Chunka Frozen Ice (costume)
Rank 6: Bob’s Restaurant (background)

Pogo Addiction Solitaire
Pogo Addiction Solitaire Mini Awards
Rank 1: Shady Dude Hat (male)
Rank 1: Shady Lady Hat (female)
Rank 4: Big Turkey Trophy (goodie)
Rank 7: Pogo Buddy Collection (goodie)

Quick Quack
Quick Quack Mini Awards
Rank 3: Rubber Ducky (goodie)
Rank 5: Nest Egg (goodie)
Rank 7: Ducks in Row (goodie)

QWERTY Mini Awards
Rank 3: QWERTY Gold Star!
Rank 6: QWERTY Shirty
Rank 6: QWERTY Shirty
Rank 8: Getting Wordy for QWERTY!

Shuffle Bump
Shuffle Bump Mini Awards
Rank 1: Feelin’ Pucky (goodie)
Rank 3: Smiley Pucks (goodie)
Rank 6: Puck Head! (facial feature)

Stellar Sweeper
Stellar Sweeper Mini Awards
Rank 2: Space Crystal (goodie)
Rank 5: Meep Mobile (goodie)
Rank 6: Stella’ Sweepa’ T shirt (male)
Rank 6: Meeps T Shirt (female)

Thousand Island Solitaire
Thousand Island Solitaire Mini Awards
Rank 1: Model Ship, 1:300 Scale
Rank 2: Pewter Cannon
Rank 3: Scurvy-Free!

Tri-Peaks Solitaire
Tri-Peaks Solitaire Mini Awards
Rank 1: Snake in the Grass, Minus the Grass (goodie)
Rank 3: Gold-plated Idol (goodie)
Rank 4: Tex Carter Action Figure (goodie)

World Class Solitaire
World Class Solitaire Mini Awards
Rank 1: Packed and Ready to Go (goodie)
Rank 3: Miniature Jumbo Jet (goodie)
Rank 5: No Direct Flights (background)

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