How to Play Pictureka

The Basics

Pictureka Museum Mayhem is a seek and find game where you comb through jumbled images on gameboards to find hidden objects that match specific categories. Click on items in the gameboard to make matches. Find the number of images on a card to clear it and earn points.

Each time you clear a card, your pal guard dog Artie advances towards uncovering a hidden bandit. If you can move Artie to the statue before time runs out, you earn bonus tokens along with a Jackpot Spin.

When you collect items, you rebuild the museum piece by piece, unlocking new exhibit halls and capturing the mischievous bandits that run amok in the museum.

Pictureka Museum Mayhem Screenshot 1


Search the jumbled board for items that match the card categories. Select an item on the board by clicking on it with the left mouse button. The selected item disappears and a new item replaces it.

Items may fit many categories. For instance, a chair can match the Furniture card and the Legs card. It also matches the Wooden Things card. Use your wit to find all items.

Completing a Card
The game displays cards to the left of the game board. Each time you click on an item that matches a card category, that card’s number decreases. You clear a card when its number reaches zero. After you clear a card, a new one will appear. You have an unlimited number of cards.

Cards are colored by difficulty. Reds are the hardest to complete. They are worth the most points and bones. Blue cards are the easiest.

Hint Button
At the beginning of the round, you receive one hint. Use it if you are stuck on a card. You’ll earn a new hint when Artie passes a portrait.

Pass Button
To remove a card you cannot complete, click the pass button on the card. The game will replace that card with a new one.

Winning a Round
In order to win the round, collect enough doggie biscuits to move Artie to the statue. Each card has a number of biscuits on it. By clearing a card, you give those biscuits to Artie. Artie moves farther when you drop a large pile of biscuits. The red cards give three biscuits, while greens are worth two and blues are worth one. Move Artie to the statue before time runs out.


Every time you match an item on the board with a card category, you earn 5 points. The game awards points for completing cards. Red cards are worth 30 points. Green cards are 20 and blue ones are worth 10. At the end of the round, the game converts your score into tokens using a 10:1 ratio (500 points equals 50 tokens).

If you find an item that matches more than one card, you earn 25 bonus points. Multiples also add five seconds to the clock, giving you more time to win.

Color Multipliers
When you complete a card, remaining cards of the same color are doubled. Matching items for these cards are now worth 10 points instead of 5. By completing same color cards in sequence, the multiplier increases until it reaches 5X. Multipliers are the key to getting high scores!

Portrait Bonus
When Artie walks past a portrait, you earn a extra tokens. You collect these tokens during the game summary.

Time Bonus
If you win the round with a large amount of time left on the clock, the game awards bonus tokens.

Perfect Game
You can earn 250 tokens by winning a round without clicking on an invalid item.

Museum Vault

The museum’s vault stores expensive artifacts and cash. The vault increases in value over time. Intermittently, a bandit will break in and attempt to steal the money held within. You can stop the bandit by collecting items on gold cards. Each item you find closes the vault doors behind the bandit. By closing the doors, you trap the bandit and earn tokens, equal to the vault’s current value.

Top Cop Bonus
If you play connected, you can work with friends to defeat the bandit. The player who contributes the most items to closing the doors, wins additional tokens. This bonus increases for large room sizes.

Pictureka Museum Mayhem Screenshot 2

Ranks, Badges & Items

Pictureka Museum Mayhem has 51 ranks that represent your progress in the game. Each new rank awards you a special collar for Artie.

You make progress toward your next rank as you find items on the game board.

You will be awarded a special game award badge when you reach ranks 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50.

You can see the badges you have been awarded along with your game stats in the records room.

Your profile has a Mini avatar associated with it. Your Mini is what is displayed to other players and is your online representation. Unlock new Mini costumes and backgrounds by finding items on the game board.

Hints and Tips

  • When you are stuck, use the hint button to reveal a matching item.
  • Earn a hint by moving Artie past a portrait.
  • An item can match multiple categories. Click on these items to earn extra time.
  • Avoid clicking wildly as invalid clicks can remove time off the clock.
  • Think cleverly about category definitions: an envelope and the letter “S” both match the Letters category.
  • While red cards are worth more bones and can help you complete a round quickly, they are tough to complete.
  • Complete cards of the same color in sequence to maximize your points.
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