How to Play Everyone Wins Bingo

The Basics

Welcome to Everyone Wins Bingo!

Everyone Wins Bingo is a fun and easy to play: As each number is called, find a matching number on any of your cards and click on it. A daub (also known as a mark or a stamp) will appear over the number, which shows that the number has been successfully marked. If you make a mistake, you can click again and the daub will disappear.

Unlike traditional bingo, the game doesn’t end when someone calls bingo! At the start of the game, the team (all the players in the room) is given a Team Goal of a certain number of bingos. The goal of the game is for you and your teammates to call as many bingos as possible to reach the Team Goal. If the Team Goal is met, every player will earn a jackpot spin!

To call a bingo, successfully mark 5 numbers with a daub in any row, column or diagonal on a single card and click the corresponding bingo button. The bingo buttons determines the type of bingo that will be called: regular or wild.

* Regular bingos count towards the Team Goal and earn you tokens.
* Wild bingos are regular bingos that also pass a wild to another teammate.

Players can drag and place a wild on any number of a card to successfully daub that square.

Any time during the game, you can click on the Daubs button to open a display of all of your daubs. As you rank up, you’ll gain access to more daubs.

Note: Players only earn tokens and Jackpot spin progress if they are present in the room at the end of the game.


To start, join one of four different rooms based on your preference of number of cards per player (3 or 5 Cards) and the speed at which numbers are called (Regular or Speedy). You will begin the game with that number of cards and the game will play at that speed.

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Team Goal
At the beginning of the game, the team will see the Team Goal, which is the number of bingos needed for everyone on a team to earn a jackpot spin.

Called Numbers Table
Each time a number is called, it will appear in this table. The most recently called number is in gold and appears on the giant acorn below the called numbers table. The next four most recently called numbers are displayed in green on the table and all other called numbers appear in tan.

Marking Your Bingo Cards
At the top of each bingo card, a letter goes along with each column of numbers to help you find the numbers more quickly. The numbers can appear in any order within a column, but the numbers 1-15 will always be in the B column, numbers 16-30 will always be in the I column, numbers 31-45 will always be in the N column, etc.

* B numbers: 1-15
* I numbers: 16-30
* N numbers: 31-45
* G numbers: 46-60
* O numbers: 61-75

The square in the center of the card is labeled FREE, and can be daubed at any time.

If you move your mouse over a number on your card and that number has been called, a faint shadow of a daub will appear on the square. If you join mid-game or get distracted, using this will make it easier to catch up.

Wilds appear in the upper right corner of the game window and can be dragged onto any number on a bingo card. Numbers marked by a wild are considered successfully daubed. You can pass a wild to a teammate when you call a wild bingo and vice versa.

Calling Bingo
When all the numbers in a single row, column or diagonal on a single card are daubed, the button adjacent to the match will light up. Click on the button to call bingo. This will register your bingo claim and confirm that you correctly marked your card.

If you submit an incorrect claim, you will receive a warning and the game will continue. If you submit three incorrect claims in one game, you forfeit all tokens and rank progress that you would have earned that game.

All bingos count towards the Team Goal. Wild bingos will pass a wild to another player.

First Bingo Bonus
In each game, the first player who calls a natural bingo – a bingo with no wilds – will receive two wilds.

Blackout Bonus
Any player who successfully marks every square and calls every one of the 12 bingos on a single card will reward every player in the room with a Blackout token bonus.

Wild Style Bonus
If a number is called and had been previously marked with a wild on any of your cards, you’ll receive a token bonus.

Go Team!
After 50 numbers have been called, you and your team can continue to daub cards, call bingos and pass wilds to attempt to reach the Team Goal before time runs out. The more bingos you call, the more tokens you will earn.

Choose Cards & Speeds

Choose from the following game variations:

Regular Pace: 3 or 5 cards
Speedy Pace: 3 or 5 cards

The pace of the game is listed on the top tabs on the Everyone Wins Bingo room selector page. The type of game (3 Cards or 5 Cards) is listed on the lower tabs. Choose the speed and type of game that’s right for you by simply clicking on the appropriate tab.


At the end of any game, a total is tallied based on the number of bingos you call, the number of correct and incorrect daubs and the call speed of the game room.

All bingos are worth the same amount of tokens.

Correct and Incorrect Daubs
At the end of the game, you get tokens for every square that you’ve correctly marked. For each incorrectly marked square, you lose tokens.

Room Multiplier
Regular rooms double the amount of tokens earned through bingos and daubs in order to ensure that all rooms award approximately the same number of tokens per hour.

Reach the Team Goal!
When the Team Goal is met, the entire team earns a jackpot spin to win tokens!

Ranks and Ratings

As you call more and more bingos, you’ll rank up and earn a new daub to choose from in your daub tray.

There are a total of 50 ranks in Everyone Wins Bingo. When you reach ranks 5, 20, 35 and 50, you’ll receive a rank badge. At ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, you’ll unlock new callers!

To choose a new caller, click on the arrows below the words “Caller Voice” above the chat area.

There are two additional badges for Everyone Wins Bingo: the Lights Out! Badge and the Wild Mushrooms Badge. To earn the former, blackout a certain number of cards; for the later, you’ll need to pass a lot of wilds!

To find out more about the badges available for this game, please check out the Game Award book in Badge Central.

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