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Meep the Alien works for the Martian Mining and Mineral Company collecting energy crystals from exotic locations all over the Universe. The crystals are very valuable, but also highly unstable and will explode if great care is not taken when mining them. You’ll need a keen eye and sharp wits to help Meep locate crystals without triggering an explosion.

The goal of Stellar Sweeper is to find all the crystals hidden within the game area without blowing them up. You can deduce the location of crystals in the grid by analyzing the numbers displayed in the game area. The numbers indicate how many crystals are adjacent to each space.

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Stellar SweeperTips & Hints

Rank progress in Stellar Sweeper is based on the number of crystals you are able to find or isolate. If you are familiar with the long-time Windows game, Minesweeper, you will have no problem with Stellar Sweeper. If you are not, it will take some time to get used to.

Stellar Sweeper is a logic based game. You must use the numbers in the grid to figure out which squares must have a crystal and which squares cannot have a crystal. When you know a square cannot have a crystal, click that square to reveal another number, which will help you with it’s adjacent squares.

After you are comfortable with the game, you can use the right click on your mouse to mark squares that you know have a crystal in them.

Say you have a number 2 with two squares around it already known and marked as crystals. You can click and hold down your right mouse button while clicking your left mouse button on that 2. This will automatically open up all of the other unmarked squares around that 2, which should be new numbers. This will greatly speed up your game once you understand the logic part of the game.

After you feel very comfortable with the game, ranking up is best done on the planet “Terra” on hard level. You should be able to get between 50-55 crystals per game.

Stellar Sweeper Ranks

Rank Name Image Crystals Needed Total Crystals Badge
0 Zirconia Stellar Sweeper Rank 0 Image      
1 Valentine System Stellar Sweeper Rank 1 Image 200 200  
2 Quackaroid Stellar Sweeper Rank 2 Image 300 600  
3 Asteroid Alexia Stellar Sweeper Rank 3 Image 600 1,200  
4 Terra Stellar Sweeper Rank 4 Image 1,200 2,400 Stellar Sweeper Rank 4 Badge Stellar Sweeper Rank 4 Chat Icon
5 Pikes Planet Stellar Sweeper Rank 5 Image 1,200 3,600  
6 Rings of Icey-9 Stellar Sweeper Rank 6 Image 1,400 5,000  
7 Dwarf Star Stellar Sweeper Rank 7 Image 2,000 7,000  
8 Donaught Stellar Sweeper Rank 8 Image 2,000 9,000  
9 Clen Sur Comet Stellar Sweeper Rank 9 Image 3,000 12,000 Stellar Sweeper Rank 9 Badge Stellar Sweeper Rank 9 Chat Icon
10 Cubic Block Stellar Sweeper Rank 10 Image 2,000 14,000  
11 Entangled Stars Stellar Sweeper Rank 11 Image 3,000 17,000  
12 Planet Fungi Stellar Sweeper Rank 12 Image 3,000 20,000  
13 Pogo Satellite Stellar Sweeper Rank 13 Image 4,000 24,000  
14 Twinkle Star Stellar Sweeper Rank 14 Image 4,000 28,000 Stellar Sweeper Rank 14 Badge Stellar Sweeper Rank 14 Chat Icon
15 Planet Kona Stellar Sweeper Rank 15 Image 5,000 33,000  
16 Shuttle Capsule Stellar Sweeper Rank 16 Image 6,000 39,000  
17 Zwizz Object Stellar Sweeper Rank 17 Image 7,000 46,000  
18 Vortex Stellar Sweeper Rank 18 Image 8,000 54,000  
19 Quasar 812 Stellar Sweeper Rank 19 Image 9,000 63,000 Stellar Sweeper Rank 19 Badge Stellar Sweeper Rank 19 Chat Icon
20 Bayran Pulsar Stellar Sweeper Rank 20 Image 10,000 73,000  
21 Twin Galaxies Stellar Sweeper Rank 21 Image 11,000 84,000  
22 Grape Nebula Stellar Sweeper Rank 22 Image 12,000 96,000  
23 Moon Stellar Sweeper Rank 23 Image 13,000 109,000  
24 Spike in Space Stellar Sweeper Rank 24 Image 14,000 123,000 Stellar Sweeper Rank 24 Badge Stellar Sweeper Rank 24 Chat Icon
Space Spike

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