Get a Club Pogo Membership for Free

Update for 2015: The information in this guide is out of date, as Pogo no longer offers ways to get free subscriptions. However, there are sites that help you earn PayPal gift cards that you can use to purchase your Club Pogo subscriptions and Gems. Check out the Pogo Gems for Free section of the Free Stuff page.

Club PogoThe entertainment value we get from Club Pogo is a steal at any price, but there are ways to get a subscription for free, or at least for very little money. With promotions from MyCokeRewards, RecycleBank, Groupon, and even Pogo itself, you can save your subscription money and put it toward other fun things like buying Gems for more badges, albums, expressions, gifts, and Mini items of course!

Free Club Pogo from MyCokeRewards

MyCokeRewardsCollect MyCokeRewards points by entering codes from Coke products — they’re found on bottlecaps and some multipack packaging — something you, your friends, and your family members may just be throwing away right now. Redeem your codes for MyCokeRewards points and redeem them for Club Pogo subscription codes of 1 month on the main MyCokeRewards site, or 3 months and 6 months on the MyCokeRewards Beta site. You can cash in points for two of each type of subscription per year per account, and MyCokeRewards allows up to 5 members of each household to have their own account. You may apply your Club Pogo subscription codes from MyCokeRewards to current Club Pogo accounts, new accounts, or free Pogo accounts.

Club Pogo for Free, with Recyclebank

RecyclebankRecyclebank is a web site that rewards you for taking small “green” actions in your everyday life. You’ll earn Recyclebank Points for playing informational games and quizzes on their site and recycling locally, which you can sometimes trade in for Club Pogo subscriptions. When they’re available, the Club Pogo subscriptions are listed in their Rewards section under “Entertainment & Recreation” and cost 75 Points for a 3 month code, 150 Points for a 6 month code, and 250 Points for a 1 year code (reduced in 2013!). The Recyclebank site states there is a limit of one per year per household for each type of Club Pogo reward. Like the MyCokeRewards promotion, you can apply these rewards to current Club Pogo accounts, new accounts, or free Pogo accounts. As of March 2014, the Recyclebank rewards are no longer limited to people who participate in their curbside recycling program (more info).


GrouponGroupon is a group-purchasing coupon site. The general idea is that a coupon is offered — like 3 months of Club Pogo for $6 — and once a certain number of people purchase it, the deal is on. Pogo has offered this 3-month Club Pogo subscription deal three times in the past. We’re hoping it was successful enough for them to repeat it again soon. Stay tuned to BadgeHungry for information on a new Club Pogo deal as soon as it’s available. This deal can be applied to current Club Pogo accounts, new accounts, or free Pogo accounts.


GiftHulk is a web site that allows you to participate in simple online activities to earn coins that you can use to redeem for prizes and gift cards. By using their site to search, answer surveys, watch videos, and complete other simple tasks, you can earn Hulk Coins which can be redeemed for a 6-month Club Pogo subscription or PayPal gift cards (my reward of choice, because you can use PayPal at Pogo to purchase Gems). It’s definitely a marathon and not a sprint: it may take a few minutes out of your day for a while to earn enough to get a reward, but I think we can all agree free Gems and/or Club Pogo subscriptions are worth adding a few minutes here and there to your daily routine. Promotions

Every so often, Pogo has a promotion going for a free month or few weeks of Club Pogo. Currently there is a promo they ran in Woman’s World magazine for a free month and 25,000 free Pogo tokens. This offer and ones like it are always listed on the free Pogo tokens and free Club Pogo passes page. You may apply these promotions to new accounts or free accounts, regardless of whether they were previous Club Pogo members. However, you cannot apply this type of promo pass to a current (active) Club Pogo subscription.

Club Pogo subscriptions have also been prizes in Subway Scrabble in 2008 and 2009, and McDonald’s Monopoly in 2010. There is no word on whether Pogo will participate again in either of these promotions but as soon as there is any information on a new promotion, it will be posted to the BadgeHungry homepage.

The Drawbacks

Of course, there’s a small catch. If your Club Pogo account is on one of these types of promotions, you won’t receive the Club Pogo Insider newsletter and won’t be notified of some promotions and sales. That’s okay, though — since you’re a BadgeHungry reader you’ll know about all of the promotions, sales, and more, sometimes before the newsletters even go out. To stay in the loop, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to receive a daily email containing all BadgeHungry posts.

Most of these promotions are geared towards players in the United States. Players from other countries may occasionally be eligible for some promotions; be sure to read the fine print.

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