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On 2/26/2013, Pogo removed Pogo Games on Facebook. They encourage players to visit Pogo.com for their earned tokens, badges, and Minis.

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Pogo on Facebook will no longer be available...On February 12, 2013 Pogo will be removing their Pogo Games on Facebook app from Facebook. Facebook-only players are encouraged to use Pogo.com in the future; their accounts will still be found there.

Update 2/12: the Pogo Games on Facebook page now says it’ll close 2/26.

Players working to reach the level 50 Mini rewards will have to do so before February 12th. Of course, this will be a little bit tougher than in the past due to the recent removal of the daily specials. It was originally thought the daily specials would return, however now nothing is certain. Browse through some of BadgeHungry’s information about Pogo on Facebook to find out more about xp values associated with playing on Facebook.

Does this impact you? Did you reach level 50? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Thanks to Terry Ann for sending in this news.

Update 5/5 7:30pm: this glitch has now been fixed. The method described here will no longer grant 30xp and 600 tokens. It was a great 24 hours! :)

Pogo Games on Facebook (beta)From the BadgeHungry inbox comes this news of a Poppit XP glitch. Right now, you can open Poppit from the Pogo Games on Facebook app and pop one set of balloons for 30xp. Just pop one bunch of balloons and hit “New Game”. You’ll be awarded 30xp (watch your xp bar in the upper right) and 600 tokens each time, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit (like the usual 400xp per day) either. Of course, playing this way won’t increase your rank in Poppit, just help you inch closer to that elusive Golden Spike at level 50 on Facebook.

There’s no word on how long this will last, so if you don’t have qualms about this kind of thing, grab your easy XP and tokens while you can. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this — you know who you are.

Who wants to bet we’ll see a whole lot more level 50s on the Facebook list on the next weekend open thread?

Update 5/5 7:30pm: this glitch has now been fixed. The method described here will no longer grant 30xp and 600 tokens. It was a great 24 hours! :)

Battleship: Naval CombatBattleship Naval Combat has been added to the Pogo Games on Facebook app. It’s a fast-paced Battleship-style game with power-ups. A game can be completed in just a few minutes and the xp reward isn’t too bad either:

- Sink 4 ships = 5xp
- Win with 3 ships afloat = 10xp

This is a separate game from the full Battleship game and doesn’t currently have any badges or ranks, but Pogo has plans for them. Check this out, specifically the last sentence:

Badges and Ranks coming to Battleship Naval Combat

This game — and eventually its badges and ranks — will be coming to Pogo.com soon.

If you have any hints or tips on this game for your fellow Pogo fans, share them in a comment below. Thanks to spliff for sending in the news of this new game.

Pogo Games on Facebook (beta)Pogo has added three new games to their Pogo Games on Facebook application: Spades, Risk, and World Class Solitaire. When you select Spades, you can choose between human and computer/bot opponents and you will be placed in a Beginner room. When you play Risk from Facebook, you can choose between human and computer/bot players and you will play in a room under the Speedy tab.

World Class Solitaire is the first Club Pogo-exclusive game to be added to the app. There is no way for non-Club members to play World Class Solitaire on Facebook but instead it’s used as a selling point for Club Pogo memberships.

Club Pogo Exclusive Message from Facebook

None of these games were added with achievements, those presumably will come later.

Special thanks to everyone who wrote in about these games being added this morning.

Pogo has added Monopoly and Pogo Bowl to their Pogo Games on Facebook app.

This version of Monopoly is separate from the “Monopoly the WORLD Edition” on Pogo.com and the Pogo games on Facebook app. It does not have ranks or badges like the World Edition, but Pogo plans to add them in the future.

Pogo Bowl is the same as on Pogo.com, except you do not have a choice of rooms. When you play on the Pogo Games on Facebook app, you are put into a Slow Room.

Information about xp earned in these will be added to the XP values page. Please let us know if you can fill in any blanks!

Also added today was Playfish’s Who Has the Biggest Brain? Coming soon to the app are RISK and Spades.

Pogo has added a new game called “Who Has the Biggest Brain” to their Pogo Games on Facebook app.

Pogo Games on Facebook: Who has the Biggest Brain?

This game is a game that was previously released by PlayFish and this version comes with the warning that “your experience and rank playing this game on Pogo is disconnected from the Playfish game.” Here’s some more information:

In ‘Who Has The Biggest Brain?’ you are taken through a series of mini games where you test your abilities in 4 areas of your brain:

* Calculation
* Memory
* Logic
* Visual

The combined score from each of these categories add up to your overall brain rating. A great opportunity to settle the debate, who really does have the biggest brain?

Use the comments below to let us know if you’ve got any tips for the game, or if you find any xp, rank information or game ‘rewards’ that others may be interested in earning.

Thanks to jummmy2 for sending in the news of this new game.

Pogo Games on Facebook (beta)Pogo added achievements to five more of their Pogo Games on Facebook today:

* Bingo Luau
* Mahjong Safari
* Poppit!
* Poppit! Sprint
* Word Whomp

Achievements are a great way to earn extra XP and tokens! To see details on all of the achievements available to earn on Pogo Games on Facebook, including the newest, check out our Pogo Games on Facebook Achievements list. If you aren’t familiar with achievements or want a run-down of the games that got them last month, check out our previous Facebook Achievements post.

Pogo Games on Facebook (beta)Pogo has added in-game achievements to a few of the games in their Facebook app. When you complete these achievements, you’ll earn extra tokens and xp. To view the achievements, click on the Achievements tab below your game window on the app, or check out our handy list of Pogo on Facebook in-game achievements.

Some of the achievements must be earned in one round, and others can be earned across many sessions as you play regularly. For example, one of the achievements in Sweet Tooth is to “Clear 10000 Caramel Spaces” and one is to simply “Win a game”.

So far, these achievements are available for Boggle Bash, Stack ‘em, Sweet Tooth, Turbo 21, and Yahtzee Party. Each game has a set of three achievements exclusive to Club Pogo members. We expect more to be added soon, so stay tuned to BadgeHungry for the latest news and information about these achievements on Facebook.

Phlinx on FacebookPogo has added Phlinx to its Pogo Games Facebook app. The xp values you can earn in this game and their requirements have been added to our XP Values page. Currently, Phlinx is still a Club-exclusive game on Pogo.com; free members will have to use Facebook to access it for now. Power-ups, known as “Power Stones” in this game, are available only to Club Pogo members.

Pogo has listed Pogo Bowl and RISK as coming soon to the app. Up until today they had Phlinx and World Class Solitaire listed.

Pogo has also added the current weekly challenge in the box of “Stuff to Do” which includes the Daily Special and Club Pogo Daily Special. We assume going forward that this third challenge will be included when one of the current weekly challenges is in a game that Pogo offers on its Facebook app. There is no additional incentive to complete the weekly challenge via Facebook other than the xp you’ll earn by playing the game there.

Thanks to jummmy2, Psalm233, PurplePlum1, and zym for sending in this news!

Pogo has just published a news article detailing the exclusive features available to Club Pogo members on Facebook. It’s their way of driving traffic to the Pogo Games Facebook app, but also a way of encouraging non-Club players to become full subscribers.

Currently, Club members enjoy the following perks on Facebook:

* No Ads
* An extra Daily Special

In the near future, Club members will be able to:

* Play Club-only games like World Class Solitaire
* Earn Achievements

The only thing we really see “new” here for Club Pogo members are the achievements. We have as much information as you do at this point, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how these will work. For those of you unfamiliar with “achievements” in the video game world, you can think of them like badge challenges, without the badges.

For the full article about the Club Pogo exclusives on Facebook, check out the Pogo News.

Thanks to Sheljin for informing us of this new development!

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