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This question has been closed by the author.Is anyone else unable to buy gems?

Once again, just like the last time Pogo changed the gem packages, I’m unable to buy any. I at first got NU2001 as an error code, now today it’s just telling me to try again later. I tried all 3 browsers and am unable to even sign into EA help (I keep getting “BESLIdentityServiceHelper – invokeBESLService(). ResourceException Occurred” ) even though I put my password in 6 different times and KNOW it’s right, so I can’t email them like last time when they added them manually. Just me and my mom?

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 5 years ago

    I just got the same error message when trying to log into Origin to email customer service, so it’s not just you.

    I’ve reported this problem to Pogo so hopefully they will get it fixed ASAP.

    Sorry, but no suggestions for purchasing gems other than purchasing an EA Card if you are in the USA.

    Answer from danielle
    posted 5 years ago

    A little extra info, my card has gone from $50 to $43 due to the $1.10 hold fees or whatever it’s called, from all the tries, just like last time, so I know it’s Pogo not me. Guess I’ll just hold on and wait for them to fix it again =)

    Answer from papafrenchie47
    posted 5 years ago

    yes me too so i used paypal for the very first time i used my prepaid credit card got my gems right away i guess i will be using paypal from now on i lost 3.30 i got the same message error try again later april

    Answer from danielle
    posted 5 years ago

    Thank you so much, papafrenchie47! I went with Paypal and it worked perfectly! <33

    Answer from kath7021
    posted 5 years ago

    i was getting the error try again later..,. the gems went through on my pogo account and saw the money on back account… it was posted
    i hope pogo gets it fixed

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