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This question has been closed by the author.Why did I not receive powerup when ranking up in Poppit Bingo?

I just ranked up in Northern Lights from 31 to 32. I was playing 3 cards in the Great Wall of China when I ranked up. Did not receive any power ups (the little orange zigzag thing) when doing so. Have always received at least two of them before. I seem to get nowhere when I do use the power ups and don’t know why I even bother to use them.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 1 year ago

    If you look at this you will see what you should get for each rank….


    As you can see you don’t get any power ups for achieving rank 32. You get cactus cash and tickets.

    I’m working on the last rank and I have received every single thing that Lura has listed.

    Answer from jinty55
    posted 1 year ago

    MomsBassetHound and Luck

    I do hope you do not mind me asking this but every now and again when I seem to get a few bingos together and also using the bonus at the end to try and get more, when everything goes through to say you have ex amount when I press collect screen goes completely black and I loose everything it happens without fail at least twice a week I am starting to get a we bit annoyed, do you know if anyone else is experiencing this?.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 1 year ago

    Thanks Jinty!

    The good news is that by the time you get the box that says “collect” those rewards have already been added into your totals. So you probably didn’t lose anything. The only way to double check that is to write down your numbers after every game. I actually did that in the beginning just to track what I was getting & to make sure every single thing was being added…..and it was.

    I have heard of games freezing on other players. Even though this game isn’t Java or Flash I have myself in such a habit that I clear every thing out after a couple of hours of playing anything. And I also make sure that I empty my Temp Internet Files, and close down all my open windows so I start with a fresh browser.

    You said twice a week it’s happening. If you only play a game each day that is a lot. If you play for 2 hours a day it really isn’t much. Don’t get me wrong. It shouldn’t happen at all. But I’ve forgotten to hit the cactus cannon button more time than I’m willing to admit, so all I got credit for was my bonus balloons :)

    Good Luck!!

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