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This question has been closed by the author.Pogo loading games problem?

Is anyone else having trouble today with Pogo loading the games? I can hardly get anything to oppen today.

    Answer from Indy Cindy
    posted 7 years ago

    You are not alone, rose. I rarely have issues downloading. But today I can’t get some games to load, and I can’t get into Sweet Tooth nor Yahtzee to get the triple tokens. Maybe Pogo has too much on their plate today with new minis, extra personal you can buy, etc.

    Answer from Brenda
    posted 7 years ago

    Yes, World Class Sol won’t open on any of 3 browsers. I played early yesterday for a personal, then nothing, just sits there saying it’s loading, but never does!
    Cleared all cache on new puter I just got last week, checked for updates, nothing needed, so I have to assume it’s not on my end.

    Answer from roseplyr816772
    posted 7 years ago

    Well, I’m getting tired of paying Pogo yearly and we can’t play the games as we should be able to. It isn’t fair to just because they have so much going on that they can’t keep up. My friend quit Pogo, guess I will consider doing this also.

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