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This question has been closed by the author.can you play pogo games on tablets?

I’m just curious besides a laptop, I know you can of course,but I was looking for something lighter to carry on the go, and was curious if you can play pogo games on tablets if anyone knows,thanks.

    Answer from sweetlove123453
    posted 5 years ago

    yes lura thank you for your information. flower thank you also. im just looking for something of a convience on the go and smaller than a laptop that is able to play pogo games. thanks so much ill look into that device.

    Answer from Lura
    posted 5 years ago

    Yes, but you need an app for it, which lets you remotely control your desktop computer at home.



    Those posts are almost 2 years old, and there are certainly other apps out there that do the same or similar things that I’ve tried over time, but I still think Splashtop is the best.

    Answer from Flower
    posted 5 years ago

    If you’re inquiring about a “PC-based” Windows tablet, the short answer is yes.

    Last night I logged into my Club Pogo account (via the pogo.com website) using a Dell Latitude 10 tablet running Windows 8. Tablets like these (including Microsoft Surface Pro) are independent computers, with the size/weight/physical format of mobile devices such as iPad or Android. Unlike iPad/Android, you can access pogo.com directly on a Windows tablet via an Internet connection – you don’t use the pogo app, nor do you connect remotely through a second PC.

    My experience is limited as I only began using our new Latitude last night. The entire Pogo home page loaded and seemed completely available to me. I only played a couple of games – I believe Adobe Flash was already embedded, and I did not try any Java games yet. I accessed the Mini Mall and was successful viewing/selecting various snapshots.

    Windows 8 is a touch-based operating system, therefore my tablet has no touchpad “mouse” (like most traditional laptops do) – the tablet screen is the “touchpad”. For some Pogo games this format will make it easier to play, however the opposite may also be true, depending on the game format. My Latitude 10 has a screen keyboard, similar to the mobile devices. I can also hook up an external keyboard via either an available USB port or Bluetooth connection (the same is true of an external mouse).

    I hope this info is helpful if I understood your question properly, if not kindly forgive this lengthy post.

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