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This question has been closed by the author.How do I fix “xd not working” in Pogo games in Facebook?

I keep getting a message when trying to load any Pogo game on facebook that says, “could not find pogo frame, xd not working.” If there any way I can correct this? After I click on the “ok” about 10 times, the game will appear. However, I never get scores but XPs will show up later in the day. Would it help to uninstall and reinstall Facebook or would this create even more problems for me?

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 6 years ago

    Ann & Justa – Pogo mail Ro at edbdvii and she will try and help you. She has company today and asked me to post for her. She’s the FB expert and also know computers quite well. She’s the one I go to when I have a question :)

    Answer from justagramma
    posted 6 years ago

    I’ve been having the same problem for several weeks not too Ann, does not seem to matter which browser I use. I even googled it and can’t find the solution. Such a pain in the butt with all the extra clicking.

    Answer from Ann1
    posted 6 years ago

    Thanks for your answer, justagramma. I feel better that it just isn’t me, but I understand your pain! I am wondering just where we would go to ask how to fix this. I have tried different browsers, too…nothing seems to help. So frustrating!

    Answer from justagramma
    posted 6 years ago

    Thanks Moms, I dropped her a note and we’ll see if she knows about it.

    Answer from pianomanjoe62
    posted 6 years ago

    I have been working on this issue for over 3 weeks now with support. I am a tech person and I have taken very in depth measures to resolve this on my own to no avail. I have shared everything that I have done with EA support and all they can tell me is that they are working on this and thanked me for the info I provided. Without extreme detail everything I did proved the following:

    1) It is not browser specific-happens on IE, Chrome, and FF
    2) It is not Flash-Even tried backing up 2 versions, 1 version, and installing the current version 3 times.
    3) It is not Java, did the same thing here that I did with Flash.
    4) It is not a bad cookie because I even replaced my cookies with my wifes since she does not have the error and no change.

    I don’t think they are putting the time into this that it deserves because it does seem that it is affecting a very small portion or percentage of users. Case in point is that my wife and I have identical laptops pretty much down to the last file and she does not have the error. If I could put my finger on what the difference is between the 2 of us I may solve this but to this point I have covered all the bases and then some.

    This is very frustrating though as I have several friends that compete with each other each week in FB in several games. Out of maybe 12 of us, 6 are having the issue.

    If anyone else that is a technical person has tried any resolutions to this and wants to kick the thing around with me please do so. Send me a Pogo mail to pianomanjoe62 and we can work from there even a phone call if necessary. I would love nothing more than to resolve this and go back to EA support and say HUH, here’s your fix :)

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 6 years ago

    Joe – I just copied your post and sent it to Ro. She has been trying to work with support on this also. She hasn’t been able to get into this site for awhile, so I’m posting for her :) I am 1 of the lucky ones and have not run into this problem.

    I will email you what I have on my computers in hopes that it will help you figure out what is going on.

    Ro’s Pogo ID is edbdvii and has a background in computers.


    Answer from Kat F.
    posted 6 years ago

    I have this problem too, plus it also doesn’t update your scores on the Home Page at PogoGames on FB. It does update on the Game Page but doesn’t transfer when you go back to Home.

    That’s part of my frustration, plus having to click thru it all. I’ve searched for the answer myself, found nothing also. First I thought it was my new graphics card because it started happening about the same time I put in a new one. But that’s not it because it does this on an old comp.

    Sure wish they’d fix it. But then again, I’m not constantly being interrupted by that stupid popup asking me if I want to “Challenge Friends”, LOL So, maybe it’s not such a bad trade-off? :)

    Still annoying, but I write down my token totals before I leave the Game Page. Doesn’t matter to me if the Dailies say I’ve gotten them done or not. It tells me so in the Game Window.

    But geez, this should be fixed by now!! Figured FB was still Pogo’s fav project. Guess not or it’s got them stumped too! haha

    Hugs to ALL, Kat F

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