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This question has been closed by the author.Has anyone ever exceeded the survey limit on peanutlabs?

I took and received gems today for 2 surveys and got this message after:

Sorry, you’ve exceeded your survey limit for the moment. Sometimes we’ll ask that you slow down a bit to ensure that others in your community have the chance to complete a survey. Check back soon for more survey opporunities!

Has anyone gone through this? Or know how long I will be “exceeded”?

    Answer from mt7
    posted 7 months ago

    I have never gotten it before this morning and it is fine now. So I am not sure how long it goes, but it is less than a full day.

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    Answer from misspogo
    posted 7 months ago

    I have gotten it a few times. But it always goes away after a bit. I have been lucky and have gotten 1006 gems as of right now and I just checked and I have more surveys to do. But I may not qualify for those. I checked and so far on my main account I have earned 4869 gems thru Peanut Labs. That helps alot. I have been trying to save for a sale but it is soooo hard. I want that HOG book and the poker but hope they will have a sale soon

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    Answer from larabunny
    posted 7 months ago

    I get that message every day after three surveys. If I get it after two they usually come back and allow me one more. It seems we are limited to three a day so I only go for the highest gems. Good luck with them all.

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