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This question has been closed by the author.Does anyone know what ‘POGO’ means?

I was wondering if anyone has any idea what POGO either means or stands for. Thank you.

    ROZ300 | Best Answer, chosen by question author
    posted 7 years ago

    It means fun fun fun.

      Answer from Flower
      posted 7 years ago

      I remember reading about this in an archived Letters To The Editor column, it was a series which discussed Pogo history – here’s the snippet regarding the name:

      “We had a list of potential names, including marbles.com, familyclassicgames.com and a bunch of others. When we found out pogo.com was available, we jumped on it. It was short, fun, cute and easy to remember. It turned out to be the perfect choice.”

      If you’re interested in reading more, here’s the link:

      Answer from funlover4877
      posted 7 years ago

      From dictionary I found these 2 definitions of pogo:

         /ˈpoʊgoʊ/ Show Spelled[poh-goh] Show IPA
      Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory.
      pogo (ˈpəʊɡəʊ) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

      — vb , pogos , pogoing , pogoed
      ( intr ) to jump up and down in one spot, as in a punk dance of the 1970s

      [C20: from pogo stick ; from the motion]


      — n

      Answer from Ed
      posted 7 years ago

      And here I thought POGO meant “Play Our Games Only” or “Play Our Games Online”

      Silly me

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