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This question has been closed by the author.Does anyone know how I can get the answers to crossword cove on hard level?

    Answer from Pogette
    posted 6 years ago

    If I’m not mistaken, the answers here at BH are correct, regardless of whether you play the easy or hard level. It is the clues that are more difficult and obtuse as the levels increase.

    Answer from prinzdarian
    posted 6 years ago

    The only differences between playing on hard vs med or easy is that a) you get fewer powerups and b) the letters don’t “lock” when you finish a word. The answers for the puzzles on the BH site are accurate for all difficulty levels.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 6 years ago

    The reason you don’t think they are the same is because the words do not change color on hard when they are correct.

    The answers are the same for all levels of play.

    Answer from Lura
    posted 6 years ago

    Just in case you need the link:


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