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This question has been closed by the author.Does anyone find the mini in Daily Hot Shots offensive?

Is it just me or does some of the half nude mini’s in Daily Hot shots offend you, I find them to be distasteful and it makes me not want to play

    Answer from purelyn
    posted 7 years ago

    Thanks everyone when I joined Pogo I thought it was for family fun but now I am afraid for my grand kids to even play, What in the world is Pogo thinking, If we want to see people half nude it should be our choose not pogo because we are paying them and not them paying us, Have a bless day everyone

    Answer from gjb1443
    posted 7 years ago

    I agree that they are distasteful and I always vote against them.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 7 years ago

    Always have, but Pogo is not going to remove them. I just vote for the other mini, no matter what.

    Answer from boop
    posted 7 years ago

    Any suggested nudity be it male or female is offensive in a family oriented environment. Pogo tends to forget their roots with all their tweeting, facebook, and money gathering activities.

    Answer from Mrs. Mike Brown
    posted 7 years ago

    I find alot of Pogo things offensive, I agree 100% Boop.

    Answer from starrynight
    posted 7 years ago

    I really dislike them, too. I know it’s “just a cartoon”, but it’s the idea that it implies that bugs me. The fact that the mini is saying “I’m nude under here and I don’t care who sees” is kind of a put-off. I don’t mean to sound like a prude, but I have seen some very inappropriate minis using these “outfits”, and the guys seem to especially have the most “fun” with it.

    I agree with Boop, Pogo is a family site and these “outfits” have no place there.

    Answer from brandywyne929
    posted 7 years ago

    i believe that it is low on pogo’s part to have it in front of a ice cream truck with kids in the background. (i think that is what it is. it was a few hours ago when i looked at it.) they should havent allowed it to be posted.

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 7 years ago

    Brandywyne – Hopefully you reported it. That’s the only way that Pogo will know.

    Answer from Cricket
    posted 7 years ago

    i’m no prude either but when one sees a mini in a rob in front of an ice cream truck or patriotic scene, it doesn’t even go with the theme of the daily hot shots, if the theme was for a patriotic scene or getting ice cream, etc., why wear a gown or nearly nothing? you’d think people would go with the theme they have posted every day, its common sense? and what makes it more frustrating is to see the people with the high scores win something when they didn’t even go with the theme of the day when other people do. yes, i know people out there are saying if you don’t like it don’t play, however i feel, everyone has their opionion, i shall play any time i choose to. thanks for letting me vent my thoughts, just like others have done! i do enjoy this site, very useful, thank you.

    Answer from hellion961
    posted 7 years ago

    I agree they are offensive and I find pogo is going that way.

    Answer from Dawn
    posted 6 years ago

    I see absolutely no use for these nude minis in this game. I have never seen a bg where this item could possibly fit in. I love this game but that mini has to go pogo! ie: country fair bg, male nude “wanna see the size of my carrot?” this made me want to throw up! Pogo please keep this game clean and fun! Ok ive vented now also, Dawn

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