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This question has been closed by the author.Are your M&M album totals still incorrect?

For those of you who were having trouble with your Mix-n-Match album totals due to bundles and/or possibly recent Mix-n-Match badges:

Are your albums still showing incorrect totals?

I got a report last night that they’ve been fixed. My albums were never affected, so I’m looking for verification.

    Lura | Best Answer, chosen by question author
    posted 6 years ago

    All right, well that answers it! :)

    Sorry you guys are having problems. My suggestion is to contact customer support and keep contacting them until you find a customer support representative who will award you the badge you need. You can use this list for reference:


      Answer from JustaGame
      posted 6 years ago

      Lura, mine are still *shifted* around like they were after I purchased a bundle. So, I have to say no. HAGD!

      Answer from JustaGame
      posted 6 years ago

      Oh wait, the question was, Are they still showing incorrect totals? Yes, mine are. So, no they haven’t been fixed. 0_o

      Answer from Ed
      posted 6 years ago

      Lura I still have 2 that are complete with 20 badges each (and I HOPE I got the album completion badge for both), but both show incorrect totals of 16/20 and 18/20. Not to mention, my current album shows 13/20 while only having 7 badges completed.

      No clue what that is happening but it’s an interesting coincidence to be off by 6 when thats the total number of badges in error from the 2 with incorrect totals.

      Caren very correctly suggested to me to activate a badge in a wonky album, and she was right- it fixed that particular problem. Hmmmm…..

      Answer from MomsBassetHound
      posted 6 years ago

      My totals are correct, but no completion badge for M&M Album #35. It “has” to be these flash-in-a-box badges.

      I just finished #35 over the weekend, so they have not fixed the problem.

      Answer from Mrs. Mike Brown
      posted 6 years ago

      Mine is still showing 17/20.

      Answer from AvsGirl
      posted 6 years ago

      Heck no! I have 3 albums with incorrect totals and no completion badges!

      Answer from annie454
      posted 6 years ago

      No Way!! I have three albums 24 19/20, 25 18/20, 26 17/20 which are all completed but not showing complete. #27 shows completed but no secret completed badge or tokens. #28 only have one badge but shows 7/20.
      This has been going on since the middle of September when the bundles came out. Wish I could get this straightened out already/

      Answer from MomsBassetHound
      posted 6 years ago

      I just spent an hour on the phone with customer service. I completed M&M Album #35 on Saturday, and did not get my completion badge. I waited 48 hours to see if it would correct itself, it did not.

      I’ve had all the badges since they were first released, and 35 albums are complete, and 2/20 are done in album #36. I have received 34 completion badges, just not the latest one.

      I tried to explain to the CS rep about completion badges, but he doesn’t understand Pogo badges, so was tough going. He was very nice and I was very polite, but got nowhere.

      I’ve just written to Tahd, the Pogo Editor, so fingers crossed that he can get this taken care of, or at least to the right person that can fix the problem.

      Answer from mspatmac
      posted 6 years ago

      I just finished a M&M album and did not get a completion badge :( I must be having a brain freeze but where do I see what completion badges that I got for M&M albums? Thanks

      Answer from MomsBassetHound
      posted 6 years ago

      Pat – They are in your Special Edition Album – down the bottom, next to the Game Awards Album on “My Collection” page.

      Lura has 40 badges shown and I wrote down the 34 that I have, and the 6 that I don’t have is the list I tried to give to customer support :)

      Answer from trdazal101
      posted 6 years ago

      I just finished up album # 18 & did NOT get the completion badge :( I was going to contact CS but if you got nowhere with them Suz im not even going to bother trying Lol ! I think I will write to Tahd & The Editor as well to see if that will help & maybe if more write in they will see what they can do to fix this issue ..

      As for the badge albums mine are still messed up #’s 16 & 17 show 17 of 20 complete when all 20 are done ! #18 shows completed :) & 19 says I have 7 of 20 when I only have 1 done .. Maybe one of these days it will all be fixed … Fingers Crossed

      Answer from Tracy1968
      posted 6 years ago

      My MM album is still incorrect. I only have 2 badges to in there, but it shows 17/20

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