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This question has been closed by the author.Are some offers at Peanut Labs a scam?

I try to get gems from Peanut labs and often one of four things happens after they get my info: 1. “CANNOT CONNECT,TRY LATER” 2. WE NEED YOUR CREDIT CARD. 3. YOU DON’T QUALIFY FOR THE SURVEY. 4. NO GEMS AFTER COMPLETING THE OFFER DESPITE WAITING DAYS. Are most offer endless scams?

    Answer from Ed
    posted 6 years ago

    I find the insurance quote offers to be a scam. I have even gotten to the stage of allowing a few of them to call me with a quote- but have NEVER received a gem from those deals.

    There are a lot of messed up surveys- there is a Movie survey for example that comes up on my second account basically every day. It even says you must take the survey between 11 AM and 10 PM local time- but it never works, and I have tried it at least 20 times. Other surveys do indeed end up on dead landing pages.

    That said, I am very meticulous about any deal or survey where I can take screen shots of my progress. For every survey I take, I take a screen shot starting at around 90% completion and keep saving them. It’s a little extra work but worth it- I very often end up with a page that says I completed the survey. Then, if for some reason the gems dont post, I start a complaint ticket and follow-up with the screen shots and/or emails proving I completed the deal.

    Using this method, I have had decent results and earned thousands of gems. I try to get the videos every day- if you can just average 2 gems a day with videos, you can buy almost 4 MnM badges, all of your 5 extra weeklies for a month, or 3/4 of an album. Certainly helps control costs.

    Last year I decided to get a second account. It gives me a Club Pogo account 24/7 to use for double browsing, and it came with 100 gems. I try to earn as many gems as I can in the second account, and then use the gems to gift myself albums, MnM’s, and Clue episodes. I kept track for awhile and discovered that the second account was essentially free for me if I stayed on the gems daily. The account came with 100 gems to start, so my initial net cost was $34/yr ($40 – $6 = $34). $34 = approx 638 gems, so If I earn 53 gems a month (less than 2 a day!!!), I’ve broken even on the second account and still have it 24/7 to use. Anything over 638 gems a year = net savings on gems in my first account. My Offers pages says I have earn 1,880 gems in my second account- in 9 months. About 200 a months.

    So it does take some discipline to work on videos, surveys, and to pick out the offers you can use that both offer gems and aren’t a rip-off. It’s been a great deal for me and I can only recommend consideration of the amount of detail I cover to ensure I receive gems.

    Good luck!

    Answer from larabunny
    posted 6 years ago

    I have received over 1500 gems this period from peanut. I have had success with both the insurance ones and the surveys. I suggest not giving up and checking several times a day. Best of luck with it.

    Answer from AvsGirl
    posted 6 years ago

    There are some offers that no matter what you do, you won’t get the gems for the offer. I have (NO BS) earned over 10K gems from peanut labs and none of it has come easy to me. I have had to create over 100 “tickets” thru their support site and often waited more than a month for them to give me the proper credit. So my point is it IS worth looking every day and multiple times per day! Also in order to create a “ticket” use support.peanutlabs.com it is pretty user friendly!


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